September 20 2011

I mentioned that Henri had been crashing for a couple of weeks but haven't posted any shots of him - despite us being in each other's pockets for pretty much the whole time - so here you go. It's his last night before he flies off to Bali for a couple of weeks, as you do. Grr. Marie H in town (as well as François) so the crew met up at Le Comptoir for drinks and food. Back home, we played the bean game (initiated F who is also crashing) and apparently I really do take these things too seriously (in my defence, they were obviously ganging up against me!)


September 19 2011

A power failure in the neighbourhood meant that the entire European Parliament was evacuated today! Hearing snippets on the news, it sounded like there was potentially something highly dangerous occurring when it was just a case of the computers being on shutdown. François has a training at the EP today and tomorrow and caught up with Henri and me looking like a schoolboy who's been told his teacher is ill! We were pretty much skyving for the day anyway, enjoying the sun and scouring camera shops, so the more the merrier. Shot this on the terrace of the Le Fontainas, one of my favorite café/bars in the centre.


September 12 2011

Roberto Pintus is the head chef of Le Max in the pretty part of Schaerbeek not too far from the EU institutions. I've never eaten there before but I'll vouch for it all the same - it all looked and smelt incredible! Roberto is a full blooded Sardinian despite being born and bred in Brussels - his menu is Sardinian inspired and watching him prep a fish faster than I can breathe in and out is quite awe-inspiring!


September 11 2011

10 years since... etc etc. Happily ensconced in rural paradise, it didn't even occur to me until I had to pull my boarding pass out. Those 'where were you when...' events do set a bit of a timeline though - I can't believe how quickly 10 years have passed whilst at the same time, life is quite different! At the time I had just moved to Montreal and was about to begin studying photography. I hadn't met a lot of the people that are very important to me now and many of the key people in my life then have disappeared from my daily reality (not entirely thanks to facebook which, incidentally, didn't exist back then!), I've had a number of jobs, lived in three countries, seen three new continents, lived in an insane amount of flats... It would be quite interesting to take stock every decade. Back in the Trièves, the festival was over so we cruised to the site to help take down a few things and find Laurie who finally let us see her digs. She lives year round in a yurt with Max! Quite a different life and presumably hard work but under the blazing sun, looking out over their massive vegetable garden, it has an air of paradise about it. Goodbye to the crew and back to rainy Brussels.


Summer 2011

Here we go - three months of silence on the daily blogging front means some images are very much overdue. It would take me until next September to sort shots into the correct days and find images for those days when I simply lay in the sun and did nothing (or the lying in the couch when avoiding the rain when I was in Belgium).  Instead, I have thrown a few images in a vaguely random order into a slideshow format - as sort of 'this is the summer that was...' with some holidaying and some commissioned stuff. In the meantime, I have also added a new portfolio gallery from a trip to Cape Town's schools.

July - EI World Congress

I was in South Africa's stunning Cape Town for a couple of weeks in July - shooting Education International's World Congress and taking some time to work on some personal project material. Rather than post all the images day by day here, I thought it would make more sense to point you to the Flickr photostream set up for the occasion... these shots were thrown up every day as the congress sessions ended but for a rush select and edit, I think they're not bad. Go here to check them out.


July 2 2011

The mother turned 65 today - quite ancient. James & Camille showed up in the morning and we lazed around a little, drinking coffee, reading the papers before heading off to th International final - won by Algot, a lively folk duo from Sweden - the two Belgian bands placed 2nd and 3rd so a pretty good showing! I think everyone was happy for the experience of playing in the Botanique anyway so no broken hearts. As well ad J & C - Alex, Vanessa & Eliot came to town for the expo which was really touching. Some of the crew had been paintballing and showed up towards to end so had a quick drink at Bota before heading home to celebrate aforementioned aging - with wine and tiramisù. 1748 - Birthday of Olympe de Gouges


July 1 2011

Imagine Festival started today. 10 Belgian finalists took to the stage to fight it out for two spots in the International final tomorrow. A much busier and entertaining day -  nice to see all the young musicians again - really sweet, full of energy and excitement. I was sad they couldn't all make it through but I think it was a fair win for Lunar Rays and Ziggy (my bet from the off!). Crawled home around 1230.


June 30 2011

Took the parents over during the quiet time (middle of the day) so they could have a peek. They seemed pleased so that's good! Lunch at the Bota café and then some not very interesting hanging around. They're exhausted coming off the back of a really busy period so walked home in the early evening to catch some zzzs. Nadya is in town for work and dropped by, followed by Alessandro, Cristina and Carlo - drank, ate and hung at the Bota café (it's my local for the next few days). Off to Marie H's for her leaving do (she's escaping to Luxembourg of all places, grrrr) - bit knackered so didn't stay too long but nice to see a few faces.


June 28 2011

12 hours of mounting on the hottest day of the year in what is essentially a greenhouse. 12 hours. That's an hour per board! Bordering on nightmarish. But it's up, it's ready, we're exhausted and M deserves a medal (or two). Don't expect much variety over the next few days since I'll basically be holding fort in the greenhouse most of the time.


June 27 2011

Met Kate & M at the Botanique to check out the boards we will have to mount the images on tomorrow - not sure what use I am since I have absolutely no concept of what would be best. Need to make sure the prints are straight, well fixed and thief proof... tough ask for my morning brain. Headed off to Brico to pick up a bunch of items, a trip which included sawing two long pieces of wood and sanding each cutting - felt very DIY. Next stop - Schleiper (I could spend hours there) for some bits and bobs. Lunch at Sushi's (it must've been quite a head scratch coming up with that name). Home and back out to Brico with a new plan and some new bits and bobs... all in all, an entire day spent on The System but we're feeling confident!


June 23 2011

SMART (my contract agency - I love them) have released a pretty handy tool - 'le repertoire des artistes' which lists all the various grants, prizes, residencies, competitions ... for artists in Belgium. Nothing quite like it has previously been available so well worth grabbing a copy. I went to the release event to pick up some extra tricks and chat to a few people and they even fed us so that was nice. Fellow photographer Chris popped by in the pm so we could exchange tips and look through some stuff. Grabbed a couple of beers at L'Athenée