April 13 2011

I've been noticing these pencil graffitis popping up all over Brussels recently - I have no idea what they are supposed to mean if anything or why, but I quite like them - colourful and playful... I think I might start collecting them - these two aren't the nicest but the closest to home so best to start there. Spent the day cruising around printer shops, which was informative...and oddly fun. Canan is in town for 24 hours and crashing at ours tonight.


April 12 2011

Lunch with Samah @ Quartier Léopold - cool project in the making if funding works out. Less pleasant was the dentist, who I am seeing way too much of these days - I still swear by her though, if anyone needs a recommendation. Heroically dragged my sleeping-left-side-of-face out for a quick drink with Sophie who was cruising the neighbourhood before running home to hideaway - Angie made me a chocolate, pear and almond cake to cheer me up in the evening :)


April 10 2011

@ Carlo & Ine's for a DELICIOUS and boozy sicilian lunch - they just spent a week in Sicily and, luckily for us, came back with a few good food ideas! I really must learn to cook better... Carlo completely shames me. Ambled home to watch a prerecorded Arsenal vs Blackpool (a win, finally!) and out again to meet Kate & Mauricio at Le Trappiste for a couple of beers (well, they and angie had a couple of beers, I drank tea).


April 9 2011

Full English breakfast to start the day.... Marie H over and we drove to Rouge Cloître in Auderghem to continue the exploration of Brussels's greenitude whilst the weather forgets it's Belgian. Rouge-Cloître is apparently quite historic - with an 18th century abbey, an old priory farm, a miller's house, stables converted into artist's studios (not a bad spot!)... the domain is part of the forêt de soignes, has five ponds, a large section of forest and is worth checking out. We completely failed to follow the walk we were supposed to be on but I don't suppose it mattered too much. I was told today (by a clearly unreformable urbanite) that I was posting "too much boring nature stuff"... So I'm meshing it with a human today, hope that's good enough.


April 8 2011

TGIF! Belga this evening with Henri, Marie, Angie, Adele and some pop in and outers. The terrace and Place Flagey were absolutely loaded with people... spring feeling! It took Angie almost an hour to get served at the frietkot! The photo is just another wander in the sun... Have to make the most of it. Apparently I like leaf patterns these days - last one (for a while) promise.


April 7 2011

My brother's bday today - so this is his present (since I shot these, and many more, in september, I suppose it's more of a mea culpa than a present really...). He's probably too old to remember anyway :)


April 6 2011

little known fact: Brussels is the second greenest city in the world after Washington DC (Ok, it may not be absolute fact since it sort of depends where you get your sources... some say London, some say Edmonton...). It's not immediately apparent since there aren't a huge amount of green spaces/squares/trees within the city center but the entire city is surrounded by what is known as the green belt, a massive spread of forest, parkland, ponds... After Tervuren on saturday, I'm motivated to visit as much of it as possible by foot and bike. Today was too hot to stay stuck behind my screen so I assigned myself a half day off (I work most weekends, fair enough!) and traipsed around the Watermael-Boisfort end of the forêt de soignes. I really don't know why everybody goes to the Bois de la Cambre when there are so many other good and less crowded options.


April 5 2011

I'm almost up to speed on my editing this evening - which feels like a big weight off my shoulders. Mireille came by in the evening, we ate zuppa d'orzo and watched Taking Woodstock, which is quite sweet but a bit long winded, and not as much music as you would expect from any film with Woodstock in the title. The photo isn't irrelevant, but it appeared in the midst of editing/organising.


April 2 2011

After a week of rain, the sun appeared again... and blazingly so! My Saturday morning routine of Equipe, coffee and croissant is always more pleasant when it can be carried out on the terrace. Watched most of West Ham vs Man U before Mireille and Michel came by. Drove to Tervuren and did the 'tour de la warande' walk, which is a pretty enough loop - some forest, some ponds, a look at the African museum and the french gardens. Ice cream, ice tea and home.


April 1 2011

I forgot to fool anybody and I don't think I was fooled - at least not knowingly - then again, I've always hated april fool's day since I walked around school all day with a fish taped to my back, 20 odd years ago. I don't know. Anyway, Eileen headed back to sunny Barcelona today - I dropped her off at the airport and headed off to Botanique to meet Kate and spec out the expo site (more info soon!). Sarah and Roel happened to be there too, and Mauricio joined us a bit later for a couple of beers. I didn't bring my camera out so it's a living room shot today.