November 13 2010

I lied - we didn't stay home in the end. We did try but Kate and Mauricio came by and convinced us to head out to Stop Suffering Start Dancing at the Halles St Géry. A pretty good idea in the end but home late/early meant that today was a bit of a write off and I left the house just once to buy cat litter. I did a bit of photo archiving and came across this shot which sort of fits the melancholy weather (I know I mention it a lot, but it really is relentless rain... very boring)

November 12 2010

My friend Laura is coming in from Germany this evening, and since we haven't caught up in a while we'll probably just stay home and crack open a bottle of wine. I want to avoid posting another 'nightime interior' shot, and in case I forget later, here's an early post from a wander up the road.

November 11 2010

Disgusting day today - a good way to escape the rain and freeze, other than staying home and developing cabin fever, was to visit the natural history museum, a short walk from home (despite which I had never been before). Angie and me were the only adults not accompanied by a child or three - and of course the museum takes this into account but it's really well done, tons to see, great explanations and the architecture of the dinosaur hall is beautiful. Taking all of this into account, a T-Rex seemed the obvious post for today!

November 9 2010

Rainy, grey, cold and nasty in Brussels today. Nothing much of note - slept late, caught up on some admin to dos and editing. Angie is home from a weekend in Vienna, so it's looking like a chill movie evening ahead. Oh, and the latest 'How I met your Mother' episode is pretty funny.

November 8 2010

Celebrations in order this evening - Mauricio received official confirmation that he is now a Belgian citizen! It seemed appropriate to welcome this news by downing a couple of Belgian classics - Leffe and Orval - in one of our favorite Belgian bistros, Les Brassins. Great news, a day to mark in the calendar.

November 7 2010

Swedish meatball dinner and PSG-OM at Luc & Marie's tonight - great way to end the weekend. Luc is a trumpet player and since I can shamelessly promote if I want to - his band Hit Machin will be playing at the Bar du Matin on December 9th - definitely worth checking out. 1957 - Ghana gains independence from the UK

November 6 2010

I'm scrapping the old blog and calling this new one 'scrapbook' as a vaguely clever play on words! This is my photo diary - a photo or two a day - something I did, or didn't do, someone or something I saw ...So, to kick things off I had a simple illustrative portrait assignment today for Le Ligueur magazine - a lively young Belgian/Turkish woman working on child rights issues - a twenty minute assignment which turned into 2 coffees, 6 cigarettes and 3 hours of nattering...