January 27 2011

The sea! This should finally kill my lingering flu. We've landed in Krabi for the next four days. The Krabi beach itself is not much to write home about (photographs nicely though - a bit old school) but longtail boats ferry you over to great spots just a few minutes away. We're staying in an amazing spot, bungalows nestled beneath huge limestone cliffs set in tropical gardens...I won't want to leave.


January 26 2011

I dragged my sorry carcass to the Erawan National Park - the guide book stated that the Erawan waterfalls are probably the nicest in Thailand - I can't verify that statement but they are indeed quite amazing - just for the colour of the water alone. I wasn't up for much swimming, and instead watched others enjoying themselves while treating myself to fish pedicure! Night train south...


January 24 2011

Goodbye for now Bangkok - headed to the River Kwai region today - stopping off at the entertaining if a little touristy floating market first, then on to Kanchanaburi and the death railway which was, sadly, exceptionally closed today... so no train ride but we did wander along the tracks to gawp at the beautiful scenery for a while.


January 17 2011

Pounded pavement all day long... so this seemed fitting! It's so hot in BKK, I've taken to skipping from shadow to shade as I walk around. The hotel we're staying in for Angie's conference is slap bang in the sex tourism neighbourhood (a tad inappropriate since her conference is on gender equality) which is starting to grind me down a little... it's one thing to read about it... quite another to witness.