Wanderings in Wien

I spent a few days holidaying in Vienna over the 1st of May weekend. 30 degrees to Brussel's 10 and, although I am a big fan of Brussel's outdoor spaces, Vienna probably has the edge since you can actually swim in the Danube! Just a 15 minute bike ride from the centre is the Old Danube which is now a large lake surrounded by green... it costs the same as a swimming pool to enter as it is considered to be a 'public bath'. Closer still to the action, is the recreational Danube Island - a sort of elongated lake (21km long but only a few hundred metres wide). Here again, you can laze in the sun and take a dip whenever necessary. So that was my weekend - lounging, dipping, eating ice cream, drinking shandy by the waterside, eating schnitzl and sausages with cheese inside (filthy!) - I also joined the Viennese socialists for the 1st of May march under the blazing heat so that was about as hard work as it got!