2012 it is

Happy new year! I hope it's a good one (and that the Mayas had it wrong). Back in comfy Brussels after a really nice xmas - I may have to stop wine and food in 2012 though!A selection of shots from the Lot et Garonne and Dordogne - everyone should visit (and when they do, stay at my parents B&B!). I also managed to catch up with François & Aurélie who were xmassing nearby... we picked a half way spot on the map and ended up in La Roche Chalais where the one restaurant will stuff you to the gills for 12 euros - what more could you ask for?

October 3 2011

The Musée des Instruments de Musique is not only one of the most famous Art Nouveau buildings in the city but also has a restaurant on the top floor with one of the best views of Brussels. The museum is closed on Mondays but a client needed a shot of the view so I had exclusive access which was nice. I took my view shots (I'll save them for a quiet day) and then had a bit of fun shooting the little people below. Making the most of what is predicted to be the last day of this heatwave, I then hit the Fontainas terrace for a couple of hours/drinks with Tom. I'll still cry if it rains tomorrow.


September 10 2011

Woke up in a teepee! Laurie's parents in law have a couple of yurts and a teepee which they let to holidaymakers in the summer and kindly let us crash in them for the weekend. Amazing - I discovered that dry toilets are really quite handy and that sleeping on camping mats works wonders for my back. Had coffee in the nearest 'big' village where we found Daniel & Sandrine who had picked up a lavish breakfast. Headed over to the festival where we lay in the shade sipping on fresh juices. Zafir needed a snore so we headed back to the yurts, made a fire in the pit, grilled some pig, potatoes and courgettes and didn't leave. It's amazing how rare the simpler pleasures are in a city - sitting round a fire, under the stars and chatting. Medecine for the soul.


September 9 2011

It seemed like the 9th of September would be a good place to regroup and restart the daily blogging. It so happens I was saying a final goodbye to the summer in the Trièves, a rural/mountainous region of France, not too far from Grenoble. it's an incredible place - people move there from across France to make the most of the chilled out, creative, eco friendly vibe. My friend Laurie lives there and is part of an org that puts on a festival every year so we decided to check it out. Started the day with a hike up to a nice viewpoint, picked up Robin (an old school friend I hadn't seen in 15 years!) and headed over to the festival - good music, great vibes, tasty food and organic beer! Daniel & Sandrine pitched up from Provence in the evening with their little Zafir.


Summer 2011

Here we go - three months of silence on the daily blogging front means some images are very much overdue. It would take me until next September to sort shots into the correct days and find images for those days when I simply lay in the sun and did nothing (or the lying in the couch when avoiding the rain when I was in Belgium).  Instead, I have thrown a few images in a vaguely random order into a slideshow format - as sort of 'this is the summer that was...' with some holidaying and some commissioned stuff. In the meantime, I have also added a new portfolio gallery from a trip to Cape Town's schools.

June 5 2011

Last piece of day in Corsica... and quite a day! Beautiful weather so we headed out to a rocky beach a half hour drive out of Calvi. Some swimming, scrambling over rocks and chilling and very suddenly a crazy mountain storm hit - lightning followed much too closely by roaring thunder. Rushed back to Calvi and onto the airport, where there were a number of conflicting reports as to whether the plane would take off at all, whether we'd be rerouted to Bastia and so on. Turned out it didn't matter so much for Angie and me as our plane had left happily at 11am...note to self: check plane dates AND times. Had to buy new tickets (I'm still debating whether those few stolen hours at the beach were worth 250 euros!) and sat on standby until we were allowed to fly around 7pm - drive back to Brussels under pouring rain and dense fog - hit bed exhausted, sad to leave Corsica but happy to see Marley again :)


May 8 2011

Lazy morning before convening with the girls, guys, babies and dogs in the Parc Tenbosch for another sunny picnic - v lucky with the weather this weekend! We didn't have much of a plan B, which is probably not a good move in Brussels. chilled there until it was time for the Paris crew to head back - dropped Noemi off at the station and headed home to do nothing. Having a bit of camera breather - not feeling like taking it everywhere with me, so a random rainbow photo today - it's actually a couple of years old, shot from the balcony of my old flat.


April 22 2011

Easter Friday, the city is emptying, the sun is shining and Noem and Eliot are pitching up tomorrow... all v pleasant! Helped Sophie move her very small amount of possessions and drank a couple of beers at Café Miko to celebrate her being up the road. The skies broke briefly this evening and it smelt of summer.


March 28 2011

These 'legs & torso' have been in the window across the street from us for the past year and I keep worrying they'll just disappear one day and I'll regret not having shot their incongruity... so done and done. Mireille over this evening to watch 'the secret lives of Pippa Lee' - thumbs up from Angie and me, Mireille is still pondering her opinion!


March 24 2011

Kate came over this morning with a bunch of lithographs belonging to JMI for me to shoot - quite a fun challenge as it turned out. We ate on the terrace, in the shade unfortunatley (sun on terrace hours at present: 14h-17h... for anyone planning a drop-in). I helped her carry the prints back to her office and shot a few frames from little terrace there. Dinner at Mano a Mano with Angele, Colin, Angie and Gerard (who I met for the first time). Stuffed.