Malta in May

Back from a long weekend in Malta celebrating Angele & Keith's wedding. It was a brilliant wedding and great fun to meet up with a lot of the old esu crowd, discover Malta better (my only previous visit had been a work one) and step away almost entirely from technology for 5 days. I was in a snap happy mood so here's a small sample - the full set is over on flickr

Mont des Arts²

This was actually an assignment I gave during a recent private lesson - and I couldn't help testing it out for myself - shoot a very obvious tourist spot (in this case, Mont des Arts) and try to constrain yourself to specific guidelines. I chose to look for squares and colour sequences. It's an interesting challenge as it pushes you to look for something different and creates a series quite easily.

October 21 2011

And warm Madrid it is. Visiting Tom, Becs & my little niece Maya who live conveniently close to the airport. I haven't seen Maya since last September so quite a change - she knows loads of words, understands pretty much everything, runs around like she's on a mission, laughs constantly  - very lovable. I didn't shoot anything in Madrid yet, so here's one from the am in Brussels.


July 5 2011

Couple of shots from yesterday at Belgo Belge because I didn't shoot anything fun today. Sat at my desk plowing through my admin. Mireille and Ma over for dinner to discuss South Africa plans. I'm heading to Cape Town on the 15th to shoot the EI congress and we're staying on for an extra week of holidaying, so should be nice! I want to see penguins.


June 16 2011

Probably the ugliest church in Brussels. It looks like someone is standing up there... but my zoom wasn't big enough to confirm this impression! Feeling unfairly hungover today - the ageing process is no fun at all! François popped in for lunch and I more or less managed to get through my most pressing todos today (involved a meeting close to this church... for context!) before crashing in front of telly.


May 8 2011

Lazy morning before convening with the girls, guys, babies and dogs in the Parc Tenbosch for another sunny picnic - v lucky with the weather this weekend! We didn't have much of a plan B, which is probably not a good move in Brussels. chilled there until it was time for the Paris crew to head back - dropped Noemi off at the station and headed home to do nothing. Having a bit of camera breather - not feeling like taking it everywhere with me, so a random rainbow photo today - it's actually a couple of years old, shot from the balcony of my old flat.