Meandering around Miami


I spent the tail end of 2013 and the first week of 2014 hanging out around Miami and the Florida Keys - we weren't overly blessed with the weather as it was pretty grey and rainy for a third of our trip but we still got in a couple of beach days, some sunny roadtrippin', a great day of scuba diving (incredibly clear waters!), a daytrip to the beautiful Everglades, some shopping (way less painful in America, why?), the largest mojito I will ever see, too many peanut butter flavoured foodstuffs, lots of reading and chilling. Feeling ready for whatever 2014 has to throw my way!
Took my Canon A1 along...which I love not only because it was manufactured the same year I was, but also because it is historically significant - it being the first SLR to offer an electronically controlled exposure mode.


Leaving Anzère

Freshly back from a week in Anzère, Switzerland, skiing, stuffing my face, dancing, playing board games, chatting & enjoying the mountain air... 


The drive back was a bit ridiculous - we somehow failed to find the motorway for a good 300km - instead weaving our way through the Swiss & French countryside, hitting closed streets in the middle of nowhere, spotting interesting roundabouts and enjoying the changing weather... quite nice really!


Back up North

I'm home after spending two incredible weeks in Mozambique. Visiting friends, soaking up the sun, catching up on reading, diving with giant squid and waking up to the sound of the waves. I was also lucky enough to grab a couple of days work for Plan International, who do fantastic work in the South of the country - I visited 10 project sites in two days, so quite a whirlwind of impressions and I wish, wish, wish I spoke just a little bit of Portuguese. While I get around to editing everything, here's some land & some sea.


Malta in May

Back from a long weekend in Malta celebrating Angele & Keith's wedding. It was a brilliant wedding and great fun to meet up with a lot of the old esu crowd, discover Malta better (my only previous visit had been a work one) and step away almost entirely from technology for 5 days. I was in a snap happy mood so here's a small sample - the full set is over on flickr

Wanderings in Wien

I spent a few days holidaying in Vienna over the 1st of May weekend. 30 degrees to Brussel's 10 and, although I am a big fan of Brussel's outdoor spaces, Vienna probably has the edge since you can actually swim in the Danube! Just a 15 minute bike ride from the centre is the Old Danube which is now a large lake surrounded by green... it costs the same as a swimming pool to enter as it is considered to be a 'public bath'. Closer still to the action, is the recreational Danube Island - a sort of elongated lake (21km long but only a few hundred metres wide). Here again, you can laze in the sun and take a dip whenever necessary. So that was my weekend - lounging, dipping, eating ice cream, drinking shandy by the waterside, eating schnitzl and sausages with cheese inside (filthy!) - I also joined the Viennese socialists for the 1st of May march under the blazing heat so that was about as hard work as it got!

2012 it is

Happy new year! I hope it's a good one (and that the Mayas had it wrong). Back in comfy Brussels after a really nice xmas - I may have to stop wine and food in 2012 though!A selection of shots from the Lot et Garonne and Dordogne - everyone should visit (and when they do, stay at my parents B&B!). I also managed to catch up with François & Aurélie who were xmassing nearby... we picked a half way spot on the map and ended up in La Roche Chalais where the one restaurant will stuff you to the gills for 12 euros - what more could you ask for?

February 02 2011

We've landed on Koh Lanta for the next ten days - it was difficult to decide which of the hundreds of islands to head for but we're not regretting it so far. Koh Lanta lacks the awesome limestone outcrops of other islands but is peppered with impressively long beaches with crystal clear water - and the atmosphere is decidedly relaxed.


January 27 2011

The sea! This should finally kill my lingering flu. We've landed in Krabi for the next four days. The Krabi beach itself is not much to write home about (photographs nicely though - a bit old school) but longtail boats ferry you over to great spots just a few minutes away. We're staying in an amazing spot, bungalows nestled beneath huge limestone cliffs set in tropical gardens...I won't want to leave.


January 26 2011

I dragged my sorry carcass to the Erawan National Park - the guide book stated that the Erawan waterfalls are probably the nicest in Thailand - I can't verify that statement but they are indeed quite amazing - just for the colour of the water alone. I wasn't up for much swimming, and instead watched others enjoying themselves while treating myself to fish pedicure! Night train south...


January 24 2011

Goodbye for now Bangkok - headed to the River Kwai region today - stopping off at the entertaining if a little touristy floating market first, then on to Kanchanaburi and the death railway which was, sadly, exceptionally closed today... so no train ride but we did wander along the tracks to gawp at the beautiful scenery for a while.