October 7 2011

Traipsing the streets today, shooting for a special 'shopping in Brussels' edition of Marie Claire. Since I don't shop much, I was on pretty unfamiliar territory within my own city and swallowed up loads of fashion related info (you never know when that might come in handy). I did a similar shoot in Antwerp a couple of months ago and, though Antwerp is quainter and generally accepted as more 'fashion-forward', the shop owners and salespeople were (as a general rule) much, much friendlier in Brussels - 10 points (I've probably opened a big can of worms now...). Here's one of them - Sophie, owner of Cachemire Coton & Soie.


October 3 2011

The Musée des Instruments de Musique is not only one of the most famous Art Nouveau buildings in the city but also has a restaurant on the top floor with one of the best views of Brussels. The museum is closed on Mondays but a client needed a shot of the view so I had exclusive access which was nice. I took my view shots (I'll save them for a quiet day) and then had a bit of fun shooting the little people below. Making the most of what is predicted to be the last day of this heatwave, I then hit the Fontainas terrace for a couple of hours/drinks with Tom. I'll still cry if it rains tomorrow.


September 27 2011

I make a typo almost every time I spell September (there, I did it again) so by the time this month is done and dusted, I'll have effectively written September (again) around 70 times. Very much looking forward to October,  also known (to me) as the month of pumpkins which is a very good thing... oh, and Sandra will be as old as me when it's over, I always look forward to that. Hanging in St Gilles today... got lucky with the blue and gold cars.


September 18 2011

No car day in Brussels today - It's quite a fantastic initiative and residents truly respect it - from 9am to 7pm no cars are allowed to circulate throughout Brussels and instead the streets are taken over by roller bladers, pedestrians, families on bikes, skateboards etc... it's quite liberating (and feels a bit naughty) to walk down the very middle of a large street. Angie, Kate and I decided to rent a lot at the garage boot sale in Châtelain for the day - I've been ranting about all the useless junk lying around so thought it was worth a shot - I'm not entirely convinced though... we certainly offloaded a fair amount and made a tidy sum, but setting up at 8am on a sunday and the on and off rain showers weren't so pleasant. More importantly, though, I ended up feeling like I was missing out on the fun by staying put all day. I left my camera at home as I didn't want Kate or Angie getting carried away and selling it for a euro, so a 'stock' shot instead.


September 17 2011

I recently read that Belgium is home to more comic artists per square meter than any other country - not a huge surprise but it's a nice little tidbit. In my five plus years here, I've only met 1 though, so perhaps I'm hanging with the wrong crowd. I may try to unearth a few more and create a portrait gallery (another idea for the list). There are close to 50 building facades scattered around Brussels which have been decorated with scenes from famous Belgian comics (the Belgian Comic Strip Centre organises walking tours from one to the other) and this scene, on Rue des Alexiens, is from a series which was popular in the 80s called 'Le Jeune Albert' by Yves Chaland. I have a few shots of the walls in stock (to use as blog fillers?) as must a million other Bruxellois and anyone who has visited Brussels ever but I liked the colour matching with the ambulance here so there you go.


September 15 2011

I found another pencil - this one is somewhere close to place Fontainas in the centre... I should probably take note. I found out I don't have any chronic lung diseases this morning, so that was good (this mostly posted for my mum's benefit - since she is mysteriously unreachable these days!) 2010 - Start of the Arab Spring. Governmental protests begun in Tunisia


Summer 2011

Here we go - three months of silence on the daily blogging front means some images are very much overdue. It would take me until next September to sort shots into the correct days and find images for those days when I simply lay in the sun and did nothing (or the lying in the couch when avoiding the rain when I was in Belgium).  Instead, I have thrown a few images in a vaguely random order into a slideshow format - as sort of 'this is the summer that was...' with some holidaying and some commissioned stuff. In the meantime, I have also added a new portfolio gallery from a trip to Cape Town's schools.

June 23 2011

SMART (my contract agency - I love them) have released a pretty handy tool - 'le repertoire des artistes' which lists all the various grants, prizes, residencies, competitions ... for artists in Belgium. Nothing quite like it has previously been available so well worth grabbing a copy. I went to the release event to pick up some extra tricks and chat to a few people and they even fed us so that was nice. Fellow photographer Chris popped by in the pm so we could exchange tips and look through some stuff. Grabbed a couple of beers at L'Athenée


June 21 2011

I once decided that rain + sun was my favorite weather - at the time I was waiting for a friend in front of the Pompidou centre in Paris and it happened to fit the place, the vibe and my mood perfectly. Since then, I'm always vaguely excited when I witness that combo, but it's never been quite as right - until these last few days in brussels, when we're being 'spoilt'. It's a constant vestimentary dance (sunglasses on, rainjacket off, rainkacket on, sunglasses off) and sitting on a terrace enjoying a beer one minute and rushing inside for comfort the next... I love how it seems to wake the city up - the rain staining everything a darker shade, under blue skies. Other than that, henri, marie L and Luc over for dinner; I made spinach and ricotta lasagna.


June 17 2011

Father's birthday today but he doesn't really to celebrate so I'll leave it at that! I was hired to shoot an image of Brussels which contained belgian flags... slightly odd request but good fun and this ended up being my pick... the spire of the town hall is pretty recognisable and symbolic around these parts. Friday at last - the evening plan was cleaning, but that didn't really happen - watched a crap film instead.