October 7 2011

Traipsing the streets today, shooting for a special 'shopping in Brussels' edition of Marie Claire. Since I don't shop much, I was on pretty unfamiliar territory within my own city and swallowed up loads of fashion related info (you never know when that might come in handy). I did a similar shoot in Antwerp a couple of months ago and, though Antwerp is quainter and generally accepted as more 'fashion-forward', the shop owners and salespeople were (as a general rule) much, much friendlier in Brussels - 10 points (I've probably opened a big can of worms now...). Here's one of them - Sophie, owner of Cachemire Coton & Soie.


September 24 2011

Beautiful day! I dragged Angie's carcass down to the center for coffee - Zebra Bar - it also features on the 'World's Best Bars' website but you need to enter your date of birth to get on the site which is weird and, besides, I think that's a little over the top! It's a nice place but any bar on any beach in Thailand tops it (would that make for a really repetitive website I wonder?). Wandered around and later fed ourselves at Al Jannah, delicious lebanese place in the Marolles area (just by the photographed church) - the guy sitting next to us was really loud & obnoxious though - I'm sure that's not always the case... As for the very large new ad on Avenue de la Toison d'Or, at the risk of sounding ancient, I'm a little perplexed! ... but, more importantly, I think it means that an A&C must be opening in Brussels sometime soon - North Americans previously had to travel to Antwerp to stock up.


June 27 2011

Met Kate & M at the Botanique to check out the boards we will have to mount the images on tomorrow - not sure what use I am since I have absolutely no concept of what would be best. Need to make sure the prints are straight, well fixed and thief proof... tough ask for my morning brain. Headed off to Brico to pick up a bunch of items, a trip which included sawing two long pieces of wood and sanding each cutting - felt very DIY. Next stop - Schleiper (I could spend hours there) for some bits and bobs. Lunch at Sushi's (it must've been quite a head scratch coming up with that name). Home and back out to Brico with a new plan and some new bits and bobs... all in all, an entire day spent on The System but we're feeling confident!


June 18 2011

I liked today a lot. Weird weather - pissing with rain one minute, bright sun the next which makes timing stepping outside a bit of a challenge. Biked to Longchamp swimming pool with Angie, swam, biked back via the nicer back roads. Picked up dinner at the Mont Liban which is just down the road from my old flat. I used to pick food up there all the time, so it was a bit of a nostalgia hit. Henri came by in the evening to play risk (angie won, grrr) and some german card game about beans (I won, hehe).