October 12 2011

I wrote this woman's name down so illegibly that I'm afraid I can't tell you - What I do know is that she buys pretty much everything she wears in China and that she runs the Lune de Miel, one of the most popular Thai restaurants on the strip leading to st Gery, otherwise known as Rue Jules Van Praet. I met her in the Marolles area where she was scouring the second hand shops for stylish coffee spoons.


May 7 2011

Claire's hen party today. Played it pretty chill since she only gave birth three months ago/nothing too sporty/shouldn't drink too much... 14 girls pitched up in Brussels (well, some of us didn't need to do any pitching obviously) and we headed to the Parc de Woluwé for a picnic, some chilling in the sun and a tour in the row boats (surprisingly difficult to maneuver). Aperitif at the Moeder Lambic in St Gilles followed by dinner at the Café des Spores which has a menu consisting of mushroom, mushroom and more mushroom! We were bought out dish after dish of mushroom tasting plates which were all very delicious on the spot but it'll be a while before I eat another mushroom! Dancing at Bazaar afterwards but none of us lasted too long, too stuffed!
1908 - Child Emperor Pu Yi ascends the Chinese throne aged 2