September 20 2011

I mentioned that Henri had been crashing for a couple of weeks but haven't posted any shots of him - despite us being in each other's pockets for pretty much the whole time - so here you go. It's his last night before he flies off to Bali for a couple of weeks, as you do. Grr. Marie H in town (as well as François) so the crew met up at Le Comptoir for drinks and food. Back home, we played the bean game (initiated F who is also crashing) and apparently I really do take these things too seriously (in my defence, they were obviously ganging up against me!)


June 07 2011

Kate over for breakfast and 'workday'... stuff related to Imagine expo. Lunch at Le Comptoir (I go too often, need to mix it up a bit) and then some editing, lots to do... I also impulse bought a lens (cheap one - the 50mm, 1,8 - quite plastickey, no gimmicks but all my lenses are zooms and I feel like I need some fixed-wide-aperture- fun). First test shot - Kate.


May 28 2011

Ugh - clothes shopping for Claire and Flip wedding next weekend. My least favorite activity. I don't know how long it's been but long enough for my body to look incredibly alien (in a not good way) - apparently I have knee wrinkles, I don't think I knew they existed. Still, reasonably convinced by the 'costume' I've ended up with. Whiled away some time waiting for a yellow car and then coffee with Marie T @ Blomkvist's (clever name for a Swedish café) and dinner with her, Angie, Matthew & Alessandro @ Le Comptoir.