Seasons Greetings

I'm cruising down to the South West of France tomorrow to do the whole Christmas, family, overeating, under exercising, constant state of mild drunkenness thing... should be nice. I'll also be meeting my newest nephew for the first time (the one who waited for me to leave Madrid to be born, so I'm not sure he's quite as keen on meeting me come to think about it...).I won't be blogging while I'm down there but I will be shooting so I'll have a bunch of material for when I get back. I'm also going to post '11 from 2011' to kick off next year - I'm quite looking forward to selecting the best moments. It's been a pretty good year. In the meantime the weather has been pretty mild in Brussels but we did have one evening of proper snow... so that's my xmas card of sorts.


October 8 2011

Rain, rain, lots and lots of rain ... a small confession to make: I actually enjoy a proper rainy day on occasion. I don't suppose you should live in Brussels if you don't. Woke up early and transported myself + sleeved blanket onto the sofa to watch France beat England in rugby, a good start to the day. Caught up on a bunch of editing, bought some food, cancelled all plans, had some cancelled on me and planned myself a movie night (between films now!). No photos today but a tip for the next rainy day - Chez Franz on rue Frank Merjay, the sort of place that makes you want to sit down, order a glass of wine and lose a few hours. Also very nice for brunch on sunny days mind you, since it has a huge terrace. It opened quite recently in place of the Mont Chauve which had a grumpy owner, but good beers and a tasty brunch - and was one of my first hangouts in Brussels - RIP


June 21 2011

I once decided that rain + sun was my favorite weather - at the time I was waiting for a friend in front of the Pompidou centre in Paris and it happened to fit the place, the vibe and my mood perfectly. Since then, I'm always vaguely excited when I witness that combo, but it's never been quite as right - until these last few days in brussels, when we're being 'spoilt'. It's a constant vestimentary dance (sunglasses on, rainjacket off, rainkacket on, sunglasses off) and sitting on a terrace enjoying a beer one minute and rushing inside for comfort the next... I love how it seems to wake the city up - the rain staining everything a darker shade, under blue skies. Other than that, henri, marie L and Luc over for dinner; I made spinach and ricotta lasagna.


June 07 2011

Kate over for breakfast and 'workday'... stuff related to Imagine expo. Lunch at Le Comptoir (I go too often, need to mix it up a bit) and then some editing, lots to do... I also impulse bought a lens (cheap one - the 50mm, 1,8 - quite plastickey, no gimmicks but all my lenses are zooms and I feel like I need some fixed-wide-aperture- fun). First test shot - Kate.


May 16 2011

I'm behaving very badly this month when it comes to this blog! In my defence, I've been feeling a bit shitty - and not managing to kick it, with obligations etc... Instead of racking my old brains trying to remember what i did when, I'll just post a few recent shots and try to get up to speed. Another pencil appeared on rue keyenveld, just off my street.


May 15 2011

Dropped Lucy off at Marie's because I had to go and shoot the last Imagine Festival date - the francophone final at Flagey's Studio 4. Since I followed all the preselection rounds, I have my secret favorites now which is partly down to the music they play and partly down to how likeable they are :). It's always good fun though and there was a good crowd. I'm mostly backstage observing the nerves mounting... and the cans of coke draining. Suarez (popular Belgian band - although not so Belgian, three brothers from Madagascar and one Belgo-Italo-Spaniard) opened up as 'surprise guests' (photo of Suarez since I'm keeping Imagine under wraps for now). Drink at Belga and dinner at L'Amour Fou (classique combo).


May 9 2011

Monday... and I very much slacked off. Over to Henri's in the afternoon to meet up with Aurélie and Paul who are still in town (François headed back yesterday). Claire joined us for a bit and then walked around chatelain with Aurélie where we bumped into Adele coming home from work and so decided to grab a beer at The Duke. Finally made it home around 7, feeling guilty so worked all evening. Still not feeling very friendly towards my camera so here's the Grand Place, something Brusselsy, shot in March.


May 8 2011

Lazy morning before convening with the girls, guys, babies and dogs in the Parc Tenbosch for another sunny picnic - v lucky with the weather this weekend! We didn't have much of a plan B, which is probably not a good move in Brussels. chilled there until it was time for the Paris crew to head back - dropped Noemi off at the station and headed home to do nothing. Having a bit of camera breather - not feeling like taking it everywhere with me, so a random rainbow photo today - it's actually a couple of years old, shot from the balcony of my old flat.