Robertson Associates

I shot these headshots a couple of weeks ago - I tend to avoid posting huge amounts of corporate headshots but I do think these are quite nice... the brief was to shoot dynamic shots to the waist which makes things interesting since you have to chat and interact. I believe I spoke about football with two (European championship this summer - my 'outsider' bet is on the Czech Republic, watch this space), politics with three (this was just before the French elections), Expat life with another and so on... a really nice bunch of people so if you need international management consulting, you should definitely check them out (leading you the team page with the photos they chose)

October 24 2011

Visited Tom's offices in the morning and took head shots of his team - paying for my keep. I got completely lost on the way back, wandering around in the pouring rain for a good hour cursing my useless sense of direction (I blame my genes). I ate a bacon sandwich when I finally made it back which starting the degrumping process - a process completed by a trip to the park with Angie and a happy little Maya. Nephew still refusing to be born.