Xmas tree controversy

One of the big stories in Brussels recently has been to do with an unlikely Xmas tree controversy. This year, the Brussels council decided to replace the traditional 10m high pine tree with a minimalist light box sculpture that visitors can climb (proceeds go to the local fire department). Cue outrage - a petition attempting to have the 'tree' hacked down has collected 12,000 signatures and counting ... arguments against the sculpture range from the expected (not traditional enough) to the far fetched (phoney attempt at secularism). I actually think it's fairly impressive and the light show, a play between the tree and the town hall, is really quite beautiful.


June 17 2011

Father's birthday today but he doesn't really to celebrate so I'll leave it at that! I was hired to shoot an image of Brussels which contained belgian flags... slightly odd request but good fun and this ended up being my pick... the spire of the town hall is pretty recognisable and symbolic around these parts. Friday at last - the evening plan was cleaning, but that didn't really happen - watched a crap film instead.


May 9 2011

Monday... and I very much slacked off. Over to Henri's in the afternoon to meet up with Aurélie and Paul who are still in town (François headed back yesterday). Claire joined us for a bit and then walked around chatelain with Aurélie where we bumped into Adele coming home from work and so decided to grab a beer at The Duke. Finally made it home around 7, feeling guilty so worked all evening. Still not feeling very friendly towards my camera so here's the Grand Place, something Brusselsy, shot in March.