ICC Mediation Competition

I recently spent a week shooting the 7th International Mediation Competition organised by the International Chamber of Commerce. Over 500 students and mediation professionals from around the world converged in Paris to participate in this massive competition. Throughout, university students faced international business problems, which they attempted to resolve by mediation. Occasionally, the photographer has the best job - in this case, it meant being the only person who could sneak in and out of the rooms and follow many sessions at once. All in all, a fun week with lots of great faces, encounters, chats and champagne! The full sets are here. To all my Paris friends, I apologise for not having a second to see you.

Open Space @ The HUB

The HUB Brussels is an amazing, innovative co working space right around the corner from me. I'm often tempted to grab myself a desk there but can't quite justify it ... a lot of my editing is done later at night and I have a perfectly good space at home. It's always nice to have an excuse to spend some time there though, which is what MediatEUr's open space event offered me on Friday. So two posts in one really - some open space action and some HUB vibe. Here's the full flickr set

TEDx Brussels

It was pretty fun to shoot the TEDx event in Brussels last month - the theme was 'a day in the deep future' (as in 50 years from now, when I could possibly still be alive, how exhausting!). Thought provoking stuff about singularity, the future of health, cars, open source and so on. Standout moments: John Bohannon - Dance your PHD, Peter Hinssen - The tiger and the rock and Leila Janah - The microwork revolution. I finally got around to setting up a flickr account which may or may not be useful, I'll test it for a bit and find out - more TEDx shots over here.

July - EI World Congress

I was in South Africa's stunning Cape Town for a couple of weeks in July - shooting Education International's World Congress and taking some time to work on some personal project material. Rather than post all the images day by day here, I thought it would make more sense to point you to the Flickr photostream set up for the occasion... these shots were thrown up every day as the congress sessions ended but for a rush select and edit, I think they're not bad. Go here to check them out.