Mont des Arts²

This was actually an assignment I gave during a recent private lesson - and I couldn't help testing it out for myself - shoot a very obvious tourist spot (in this case, Mont des Arts) and try to constrain yourself to specific guidelines. I chose to look for squares and colour sequences. It's an interesting challenge as it pushes you to look for something different and creates a series quite easily.

The Very Centre of Belgium

I was driving home from a gig this morning when I spotted a tourist (brown background) sign for the 'geographical centre of Belgium' - thinking it might be fun to stand in the middle of a country, I followed the - very methodical - signposting to a small car park with a walking sign pointing down a small path. I followed this for a few hundred metres until it petered out and became a messy mudpit instead... The whole thing was slightly underwhelming! Lovely day though, and I can knock 'standing-in-the-middle-of-Belgium' off my bucket list (I'm making it up as I go along, it's more satisfying).

May 9 2011

Monday... and I very much slacked off. Over to Henri's in the afternoon to meet up with Aurélie and Paul who are still in town (François headed back yesterday). Claire joined us for a bit and then walked around chatelain with Aurélie where we bumped into Adele coming home from work and so decided to grab a beer at The Duke. Finally made it home around 7, feeling guilty so worked all evening. Still not feeling very friendly towards my camera so here's the Grand Place, something Brusselsy, shot in March.


April 21 2011

Lunch/project meeting with Tom at De Markten - which used to serve a whole variety of lasagnas which were v tasty and v cheap - I don't know why they stopped and would boycott in protest if the outdoor hangout in a small square under the trees wasn't so appealing. There are worse places to while away the time on a sunny day! On a sadder note, thoughts for the two photographers killed in a mortar attack in Libya yesterday: Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros.


March 23 2011

Lunch at Biberium with Sarah and Cecile - I hadn't seen the latter for ages, so that was nice. Home for a bit of editing before Marzia came by to discuss wedding plans and down a couple of beers, inaugurating our terrace for 2011. Off to dinner at Marie & Luc's, with the other Marie, Flip, Claire and the 2 babies - Luc made a ridiculously tasty tagine, yum.


March 22 2011

It's starting to feel like Spring! If the pharmacy sign down the road is reliable, we hit 16 degrees today... quite a feat. Met up with Tom for beer, lunch and more beer on the terrace at Moeder Lambic in the centre (there's another one in St Gilles). They only serve beer from micro breweries and are happy to recommend the best beer for the occasion/your mood/your food - it all feels very Belgian! Lots of tipsy editing in the evening - I hope I don't regret it tomorrow when I look through the shots!


February 17 2011

Belgian has now officially surpassed all previous records for the amount of time without forming a government. Inhabitants of Ghent stripped off in protest but sadly nothing so exciting in Brussels. It's quite a feat although, interestingly, you would hardly know. Trains still run more or less on time, taxes are still relentlessly deducted, schools stay resolutely open. I did go for a run though, that's something new.


January 06 2011

Unpleasant visit to the travel clinic this morning for my Thailand jabs... I have no idea what I had previously done so I'm probably doubly immune now! (t'es fière de moi Eileen?). Claire, looking more pregnant by the minute, popped over this afternoon and I later met up with Carlo and Ine at El Metteko, which is an odd Cuban/Belgian blend -  it does work though.