The Very Centre of Belgium

I was driving home from a gig this morning when I spotted a tourist (brown background) sign for the 'geographical centre of Belgium' - thinking it might be fun to stand in the middle of a country, I followed the - very methodical - signposting to a small car park with a walking sign pointing down a small path. I followed this for a few hundred metres until it petered out and became a messy mudpit instead... The whole thing was slightly underwhelming! Lovely day though, and I can knock 'standing-in-the-middle-of-Belgium' off my bucket list (I'm making it up as I go along, it's more satisfying).

Away game

Busy, fun weekend. We (rugby team) had an away game in Heusden-Zolder on Saturday -  a small place in the middle of the Limbourg region. As we left Brussels, it was pouring with rain and absolutely freezing meaning none of us were feeling very pumped but the closer we got to Heusden the bluer the skies and it ended up being pretty perfect! I bought my camera along to snap a couple of team shots and then it struck me that it would be fun to shoot all the changing rooms and club houses of the places we play at... they are all fairly unique. I've missed half of them this season, so I suppose that means I'm condemned to playing at least another year if I want to catch all of them!Band shoot with Ziggy today but I haven't even loaded those yet so that'll have to wait.

Pink Ribbon

Breast cancer awareness month rolls around in October each year. Sanoma media, with it's numerous publications, reaches over 60% of the female readership in Belgium and the 'Pink Ribbon magazine' is distributed for free alongside all those publications in order to promote breast cancer awareness. This year, the Pink Ribbon team decided to build a website and keep the campaign rolling throughout the year. I was asked to set up a temporary studio at a recent event and add to the ongoing collection of such shots on the facebook page (you can even upload your own shot by downloading the cover art from the website).

Pink Ribbon.jpg

Summer 2011

Here we go - three months of silence on the daily blogging front means some images are very much overdue. It would take me until next September to sort shots into the correct days and find images for those days when I simply lay in the sun and did nothing (or the lying in the couch when avoiding the rain when I was in Belgium).  Instead, I have thrown a few images in a vaguely random order into a slideshow format - as sort of 'this is the summer that was...' with some holidaying and some commissioned stuff. In the meantime, I have also added a new portfolio gallery from a trip to Cape Town's schools.

June 17 2011

Father's birthday today but he doesn't really to celebrate so I'll leave it at that! I was hired to shoot an image of Brussels which contained belgian flags... slightly odd request but good fun and this ended up being my pick... the spire of the town hall is pretty recognisable and symbolic around these parts. Friday at last - the evening plan was cleaning, but that didn't really happen - watched a crap film instead.


May 27 2011

The skies finally gave way today - I don't suppose it would be acceptable to complain after the Indian spring (I'll copyright that!) we've had. Still not fully recovered from this stupid cold, so it doesn't help. Henri over this evening for some video editing and pasta all'arrabbiata.


May 26 2011

Weirdest concert I can remember attending this evening... Groundation Bob Marley tribute concert in Charleroi... which in itself is potentially the weirdest town I can remember setting foot in. I must go back to photograph it before it changes - it's a standing memorial to the cheesiest, gaudiest 80sness... and the inhabitants are definitely a big part of that impression - sort of wonderful. But the concert - terrible! The opening act was a reggae band from charleroi, probably by default - the guitarist looked like he belonged in an 80s metal band, the bassist could've been cast in the Mamma Mia... and awful, awful tunes. We made it through about three tracks when Groundation finally made an appearance before running back to the car and home. I didn't want to ruin my impression of Groundation any further... saw them two years ago at Couleur Café and they were incredible... I'm cheating again and posting a couple of shots from way back then, to lift my mood.


May 13 2011

One of those days when you spend your time running against the clock... exhausting. Visiting a copuple of higher education institutions to try and grab a shot of students behind their laptops for an article on 'connected schools'... I think I was basically commissioned to shoot stock but without the models and the time - a couple of teachers were nice enough to let me shoot their classrooms for a few minutes and I accosted others in the corridors :). I have to say it is quite incredible to what extent it's become completely normal to sit in class typing on a laptop - makes me feel old!


May 9 2011

Monday... and I very much slacked off. Over to Henri's in the afternoon to meet up with Aurélie and Paul who are still in town (François headed back yesterday). Claire joined us for a bit and then walked around chatelain with Aurélie where we bumped into Adele coming home from work and so decided to grab a beer at The Duke. Finally made it home around 7, feeling guilty so worked all evening. Still not feeling very friendly towards my camera so here's the Grand Place, something Brusselsy, shot in March.


April 24 2011

Easter Sunday -  We tried to play good host to Noemi and Eliot and prepared a copious brunch in the garden, complete with a chocolate egg apiece. Headed out to The Tervuren Arboretum - which is quite an exciting discovery... we (Noem, Eliot, Angie, Luc, Marie L, Claire, Babies Melodi and Leonie) took a walk through the whole thing, which ended up taking way longer than planned (I need to learn to factor in babies now they are an integral part of my social life!). I took lots of tree photos of course but I'm not supposed to post any anymore -just one then?


April 2 2011

After a week of rain, the sun appeared again... and blazingly so! My Saturday morning routine of Equipe, coffee and croissant is always more pleasant when it can be carried out on the terrace. Watched most of West Ham vs Man U before Mireille and Michel came by. Drove to Tervuren and did the 'tour de la warande' walk, which is a pretty enough loop - some forest, some ponds, a look at the African museum and the french gardens. Ice cream, ice tea and home.