October 8 2011

Rain, rain, lots and lots of rain ... a small confession to make: I actually enjoy a proper rainy day on occasion. I don't suppose you should live in Brussels if you don't. Woke up early and transported myself + sleeved blanket onto the sofa to watch France beat England in rugby, a good start to the day. Caught up on a bunch of editing, bought some food, cancelled all plans, had some cancelled on me and planned myself a movie night (between films now!). No photos today but a tip for the next rainy day - Chez Franz on rue Frank Merjay, the sort of place that makes you want to sit down, order a glass of wine and lose a few hours. Also very nice for brunch on sunny days mind you, since it has a huge terrace. It opened quite recently in place of the Mont Chauve which had a grumpy owner, but good beers and a tasty brunch - and was one of my first hangouts in Brussels - RIP


January 06 2011

Unpleasant visit to the travel clinic this morning for my Thailand jabs... I have no idea what I had previously done so I'm probably doubly immune now! (t'es fière de moi Eileen?). Claire, looking more pregnant by the minute, popped over this afternoon and I later met up with Carlo and Ine at El Metteko, which is an odd Cuban/Belgian blend -  it does work though.