May 5 2011

Lunch in the garden with Henri and Claire - I didn't take any photos but since Léonie was there here's one of her from last week. Kate over later on to start finalising images for my exhibition (in June - I'll brag more closer to the time).


March 29 2011

My beautiful little nephew Boris turns one today... I don't think I'll ever forgot his birth, quite a special day and I can't quite believe it's been a year already. Here are his half-hour old tiny feet! Eileen pitched up in Brussels today and I introduced her to the new Amour Fou, which has become a regular haunt recently - not good for the figure!


March 09 2011

Watched 'The Kids are Alright' in the middle of the day which felt slightly naughty, but I'm feeling a bit ill, so thought I could justify it that way. It's a brilliant film, so simple, well acted and nice to see a realistic portrayal of a gay couple, devoid of clichés. Mireille came over for dinner and games. Photo is little Léonie shot yesterday.


January 09 2011

In Antwerp today visiting Miryam, Willem and their two lovely boys - the youngest is my adorable little godson. For now I speak rusty Italian to him which he understands via Miryam and he babbles back at me in Flemish - we're managing. I gave him his first photography lesson today - he's showing promise but his modeling needs to improve, he refuses to stay still!