That building opposite Midi

I'm guessing everybody in Brussels (or who has ever visited) knows this building - it's bang opposite the entrance/exit to the Gare du Midi, right by the taxi stand/spot-where-you-smoke-your-last-cigarette-before-boarding (well, not me, not for the past 5 months anyway :)) ... I'm not sure everybody thinks it's as cool as I do though, so here's my attempt to convince.

2012 it is

Happy new year! I hope it's a good one (and that the Mayas had it wrong). Back in comfy Brussels after a really nice xmas - I may have to stop wine and food in 2012 though!A selection of shots from the Lot et Garonne and Dordogne - everyone should visit (and when they do, stay at my parents B&B!). I also managed to catch up with François & Aurélie who were xmassing nearby... we picked a half way spot on the map and ended up in La Roche Chalais where the one restaurant will stuff you to the gills for 12 euros - what more could you ask for?

September 27 2011

I make a typo almost every time I spell September (there, I did it again) so by the time this month is done and dusted, I'll have effectively written September (again) around 70 times. Very much looking forward to October,  also known (to me) as the month of pumpkins which is a very good thing... oh, and Sandra will be as old as me when it's over, I always look forward to that. Hanging in St Gilles today... got lucky with the blue and gold cars.


September 16 2011

Proof that there is occasionally a ray of sun in this city although I'm still convinced Autumn has been bypassed this year - this is the Notre Dame du Sablon church and has a couple of amazing stained glass windows - I've told a few people about this and they never find them, so just in case, they are in the back left corner, funky geometric patterns. It's Friday and Risk night is back. Jeremie, Mireille and Undraa came over, made stir fry and battled it out with Angie for the longest game ever... I didn't play because 5 people risk is just too boring (besides, I'm apparently 'too competitive' which makes it no fun... I think that's just because I always win!). Henri has been crashing with us for the past 10 days and was ill so I mothered him and the cat instead.


Summer 2011

Here we go - three months of silence on the daily blogging front means some images are very much overdue. It would take me until next September to sort shots into the correct days and find images for those days when I simply lay in the sun and did nothing (or the lying in the couch when avoiding the rain when I was in Belgium).  Instead, I have thrown a few images in a vaguely random order into a slideshow format - as sort of 'this is the summer that was...' with some holidaying and some commissioned stuff. In the meantime, I have also added a new portfolio gallery from a trip to Cape Town's schools.

June 06 2011

Pretty much took the day off today... hanging out on my computer, answering a few mails, watching series, stuffing my face on angie-baked-cake (a masterpiece!). So here's a shot of the Botanique so I can start the promoting for my exhibition which will be held there from the 29th of June... main viewing day on the 1st of July, which coincides with the Imagine national final. Press release for expo here and Imagine Festival info here.


May 20 2011

Horrible early Ryanair from Charleroi to Bologna, huge queue to pick up the rental car, big struggle to figure out how to drive a car constructed in the 21st century, Italian traffic & drivers - and we (with Angie) finally made it to Modena. After a quick lunch and tour of Modena, we headed out to our digs - a little farm in the countryside, which is great. Decided to stick around there until dinner which was, wait for it,... 5 starters, 2 primi, 1 secondo and 3 deserts.... EACH!! Quite unbelievable. We made it to the second primo before giving up to disapproving head shakes. I really don't understand how one human is supposed to ingest to much food.


May 9 2011

Monday... and I very much slacked off. Over to Henri's in the afternoon to meet up with Aurélie and Paul who are still in town (François headed back yesterday). Claire joined us for a bit and then walked around chatelain with Aurélie where we bumped into Adele coming home from work and so decided to grab a beer at The Duke. Finally made it home around 7, feeling guilty so worked all evening. Still not feeling very friendly towards my camera so here's the Grand Place, something Brusselsy, shot in March.