October 14 2011

Beautiful day in the Yvelines, perfect for Jen & Mark's wedding which I was shooting. The ceremony was held in the Mairie of St Nom la Bretêche which is just opposite my 'maternelle' (what is that in english - my nursery/kindergarten school?). Bit of a trip down memory lane... it made me want to come back when I have a bit of time and shoot all the places which conjur up pleasant memories. Really nice wedding, I was sad that I didn't have the energy to join the dancing and instead grabbed a lift back to Créspières and a bed. Getting old...


June 3 2011

Wedding day... Mairie de Calvi - I was a proud witness, which, honour aside, meant I had a seat and could rest my heel-toting-feet. Drinks at Notre Dâme de la Serra, bright sunshine, champagne, pretty people... and then on to the villa, looking out on the mountains and valley below. Small storm drama - the electricity went out briefly, the dinner tent dripped, pool side cocktail was moved inside but the atmosphere didn't suffer and the weather cleared up for dinner and a long night of dancing (swapped the heels for havaians asap!). Too many shots to edit ruthlessly and it's my blog so I'll post lots if I want to!