September 24 2011

Beautiful day! I dragged Angie's carcass down to the center for coffee - Zebra Bar - it also features on the 'World's Best Bars' website but you need to enter your date of birth to get on the site which is weird and, besides, I think that's a little over the top! It's a nice place but any bar on any beach in Thailand tops it (would that make for a really repetitive website I wonder?). Wandered around and later fed ourselves at Al Jannah, delicious lebanese place in the Marolles area (just by the photographed church) - the guy sitting next to us was really loud & obnoxious though - I'm sure that's not always the case... As for the very large new ad on Avenue de la Toison d'Or, at the risk of sounding ancient, I'm a little perplexed! ... but, more importantly, I think it means that an A&C must be opening in Brussels sometime soon - North Americans previously had to travel to Antwerp to stock up.