September 18 2011

No car day in Brussels today - It's quite a fantastic initiative and residents truly respect it - from 9am to 7pm no cars are allowed to circulate throughout Brussels and instead the streets are taken over by roller bladers, pedestrians, families on bikes, skateboards etc... it's quite liberating (and feels a bit naughty) to walk down the very middle of a large street. Angie, Kate and I decided to rent a lot at the garage boot sale in Châtelain for the day - I've been ranting about all the useless junk lying around so thought it was worth a shot - I'm not entirely convinced though... we certainly offloaded a fair amount and made a tidy sum, but setting up at 8am on a sunday and the on and off rain showers weren't so pleasant. More importantly, though, I ended up feeling like I was missing out on the fun by staying put all day. I left my camera at home as I didn't want Kate or Angie getting carried away and selling it for a euro, so a 'stock' shot instead.