September 16 2011

Proof that there is occasionally a ray of sun in this city although I'm still convinced Autumn has been bypassed this year - this is the Notre Dame du Sablon church and has a couple of amazing stained glass windows - I've told a few people about this and they never find them, so just in case, they are in the back left corner, funky geometric patterns. It's Friday and Risk night is back. Jeremie, Mireille and Undraa came over, made stir fry and battled it out with Angie for the longest game ever... I didn't play because 5 people risk is just too boring (besides, I'm apparently 'too competitive' which makes it no fun... I think that's just because I always win!). Henri has been crashing with us for the past 10 days and was ill so I mothered him and the cat instead.