May 7 2011

Claire's hen party today. Played it pretty chill since she only gave birth three months ago/nothing too sporty/shouldn't drink too much... 14 girls pitched up in Brussels (well, some of us didn't need to do any pitching obviously) and we headed to the Parc de Woluwé for a picnic, some chilling in the sun and a tour in the row boats (surprisingly difficult to maneuver). Aperitif at the Moeder Lambic in St Gilles followed by dinner at the Café des Spores which has a menu consisting of mushroom, mushroom and more mushroom! We were bought out dish after dish of mushroom tasting plates which were all very delicious on the spot but it'll be a while before I eat another mushroom! Dancing at Bazaar afterwards but none of us lasted too long, too stuffed!
1908 - Child Emperor Pu Yi ascends the Chinese throne aged 2