May 26 2011

Weirdest concert I can remember attending this evening... Groundation Bob Marley tribute concert in Charleroi... which in itself is potentially the weirdest town I can remember setting foot in. I must go back to photograph it before it changes - it's a standing memorial to the cheesiest, gaudiest 80sness... and the inhabitants are definitely a big part of that impression - sort of wonderful. But the concert - terrible! The opening act was a reggae band from charleroi, probably by default - the guitarist looked like he belonged in an 80s metal band, the bassist could've been cast in the Mamma Mia... and awful, awful tunes. We made it through about three tracks when Groundation finally made an appearance before running back to the car and home. I didn't want to ruin my impression of Groundation any further... saw them two years ago at Couleur Café and they were incredible... I'm cheating again and posting a couple of shots from way back then, to lift my mood.