May 25 2011

Cousin Gabby in town. Gabby moved to Australia when she was 3 years old and I think we've met twice since then, the last time a good 10 years ago (perhaps more)... she's now 23 and touring Europe as a sound technician for Roger Waters... not a bad gig! She stopped off in Brussels for 24 hours between concerts with her friend Amiria who caters on the same tour. They hadn't really slept last night so spent the morning crashed out on the sofa but bravely rose in the afternoon for a whistle stop tour of some of the main sights. Hit Châtelain market in the evening, which was more packed than I've ever seen it... probably down to the great weather... Henri, Sophie and Marie H joined us but we made it an early one, Angie picking us up around 1030. frozen pizza, tea, bed. Lovely to steal 24 hours with Gabby - come again!