May 14 2011

Lucy in Brussels! Picked her up in the morning while Angie prepared a delicious brunch (she even made hummous) which Marie H joined us for. Matthew and Alessandro dropped by for coffee (A confirmed that my olive tree is dead, I'm quite disappointed... it survived a whole winter of snow and ice and dies in the sun... tsk). Headed off to gay pride (without M and A who went shoe shopping instead!) and met Kate, Mauricio and Amer. Brussels gay pride is really fun... I don't know where all the people come from! The whole center is cordoned off for street dancing and terrace drinking. Lucy wanted chips so we did that and then headed home (she also managed to swallow a waffle on the walk ... impressive). BBQ for Kate's bday in the evening with Samah, Amer, Sarah, Roel, Claire, Mauricio, Amina, Abby and a couple of randoms. Danced a little in the sitting room and the cool kids headed off to party while Angie, Lucy and me stayed home drinking tea. I forgot my camera (!!) so posting one from last year and one I took on Kate's compact.