June 5 2011

Last piece of day in Corsica... and quite a day! Beautiful weather so we headed out to a rocky beach a half hour drive out of Calvi. Some swimming, scrambling over rocks and chilling and very suddenly a crazy mountain storm hit - lightning followed much too closely by roaring thunder. Rushed back to Calvi and onto the airport, where there were a number of conflicting reports as to whether the plane would take off at all, whether we'd be rerouted to Bastia and so on. Turned out it didn't matter so much for Angie and me as our plane had left happily at 11am...note to self: check plane dates AND times. Had to buy new tickets (I'm still debating whether those few stolen hours at the beach were worth 250 euros!) and sat on standby until we were allowed to fly around 7pm - drive back to Brussels under pouring rain and dense fog - hit bed exhausted, sad to leave Corsica but happy to see Marley again :)