Flying High

Busy times, hence the small blog hiatus - but I'm quite excited about today's post! I spent a great few hours with Belgium's 'Modelplane flying' champion (I'm not entirely sure what the title should actually be... but you get the gist). Benoit Dierickx has been a pilot for the past thirty years but when he steps out of the cockpit he lives and breathes model airplanes and has done since he designed his first one at the age of 12 (pictured). He has added a large annex to his house which is crammed full of half built models of varying sizes, motors, wing parts, tools, saws, paint cans... has bought a van especially to transport them, competes across Europe most weekends and now coaches the future generations (he is particularly excited about an 11 year old who is the 'most talented' in his age group he has ever seen!). It all sounds a bit mad until you see him in action and then it somehow all makes sense: