Disposable in Montpellier

I was in Montpellier a few weeks ago for a pretty tiring job, shooting from 7am till 9pm for 3 days. Before catching my train home, I had a couple of hours to kill in town and so decided to buy a disposable camera and shoot with that as I couldn't stand the sight of my workhorse anymore. It was actually pretty good fun so I think I might do that more often.



Following on from my previous post featuring Lazy Nemo - a few more snaps from a chill weekend in the Lot & Garonne. You too can hang out with Nemo, find gems in the local garage boots sales and take long reviving country walks - check it out 


From the Archives #2

Another one from my analog series - see the first one here
This one from a daytrip in Austria (from St-Pölten to Rohrbach for those with a good grasp on Austrian geography!). Spring 2008


Ardennes Photo Story

A beautiful house in Bras-bas (Belgian Ardennes) a bunch of nice folks, plenty of booze & food, some fire art and a few little goats to remind us why escaping to the country from time to time is so necessary.  All this to celebrate Marie's bday... that's her on the first photo.


Leaving Anzère

Freshly back from a week in Anzère, Switzerland, skiing, stuffing my face, dancing, playing board games, chatting & enjoying the mountain air... 


The drive back was a bit ridiculous - we somehow failed to find the motorway for a good 300km - instead weaving our way through the Swiss & French countryside, hitting closed streets in the middle of nowhere, spotting interesting roundabouts and enjoying the changing weather... quite nice really!


Blue Lagoon portrait session

An outtake from Day 2 in Malta - We (those that were able to make it to the rendez-vous by 11am after the night before!) spent the day in Gozo. On the way back to Malta we stopped off at the Blue Lagoon - consistently in the 'top 3 things to do in Malta' lists. Impeccable water, uninhabited rocky island... but tends to be very touristy. The 6 of us arrived in the early evening and were completely alone, not another soul around... quite blissful. It was a little too chilly to swim but we did anyway, very worth it.Speedy impro shoot of our international group - Maher (Tunisia), Lucie (France), Kjersti (Norway), Angie (Austria) & Lea (Switzerland/Another planet):

Malta in May

Back from a long weekend in Malta celebrating Angele & Keith's wedding. It was a brilliant wedding and great fun to meet up with a lot of the old esu crowd, discover Malta better (my only previous visit had been a work one) and step away almost entirely from technology for 5 days. I was in a snap happy mood so here's a small sample - the full set is over on flickr

Wanderings in Wien

I spent a few days holidaying in Vienna over the 1st of May weekend. 30 degrees to Brussel's 10 and, although I am a big fan of Brussel's outdoor spaces, Vienna probably has the edge since you can actually swim in the Danube! Just a 15 minute bike ride from the centre is the Old Danube which is now a large lake surrounded by green... it costs the same as a swimming pool to enter as it is considered to be a 'public bath'. Closer still to the action, is the recreational Danube Island - a sort of elongated lake (21km long but only a few hundred metres wide). Here again, you can laze in the sun and take a dip whenever necessary. So that was my weekend - lounging, dipping, eating ice cream, drinking shandy by the waterside, eating schnitzl and sausages with cheese inside (filthy!) - I also joined the Viennese socialists for the 1st of May march under the blazing heat so that was about as hard work as it got!

October 23 2011

Up early to catch the Rugby world cup final - bit of a rush trying to find somewhere with any place. Good game, not the ideal result but not too bad. Tapas lunch close to Tom & Bec's place; I could eat tapas for every meal. Not a lie. According to my wishful schedule Becs was supposed to give birth to my nephew this evening but he's being stubborn!


October 15 2011

Up early to catch some of the rugby semi final but ended up listening to most of it on the radio on the way to Paris (a tight, tense game + negotiating Paris traffic = not a very good combo). I headed to Noemi & Eliot's for a brief hello as they had stuff on in the pm and then off to lunch at Alex & Vanessa's, with Lisa. Spent the remainder of the afternoon in Parc Monceau with them, little Liorah and Mirna who joined us. Paris is still beautiful. Drove home in the dark; tired and solo, not much fun.


September 11 2011

10 years since... etc etc. Happily ensconced in rural paradise, it didn't even occur to me until I had to pull my boarding pass out. Those 'where were you when...' events do set a bit of a timeline though - I can't believe how quickly 10 years have passed whilst at the same time, life is quite different! At the time I had just moved to Montreal and was about to begin studying photography. I hadn't met a lot of the people that are very important to me now and many of the key people in my life then have disappeared from my daily reality (not entirely thanks to facebook which, incidentally, didn't exist back then!), I've had a number of jobs, lived in three countries, seen three new continents, lived in an insane amount of flats... It would be quite interesting to take stock every decade. Back in the Trièves, the festival was over so we cruised to the site to help take down a few things and find Laurie who finally let us see her digs. She lives year round in a yurt with Max! Quite a different life and presumably hard work but under the blazing sun, looking out over their massive vegetable garden, it has an air of paradise about it. Goodbye to the crew and back to rainy Brussels.


September 10 2011

Woke up in a teepee! Laurie's parents in law have a couple of yurts and a teepee which they let to holidaymakers in the summer and kindly let us crash in them for the weekend. Amazing - I discovered that dry toilets are really quite handy and that sleeping on camping mats works wonders for my back. Had coffee in the nearest 'big' village where we found Daniel & Sandrine who had picked up a lavish breakfast. Headed over to the festival where we lay in the shade sipping on fresh juices. Zafir needed a snore so we headed back to the yurts, made a fire in the pit, grilled some pig, potatoes and courgettes and didn't leave. It's amazing how rare the simpler pleasures are in a city - sitting round a fire, under the stars and chatting. Medecine for the soul.


September 9 2011

It seemed like the 9th of September would be a good place to regroup and restart the daily blogging. It so happens I was saying a final goodbye to the summer in the Trièves, a rural/mountainous region of France, not too far from Grenoble. it's an incredible place - people move there from across France to make the most of the chilled out, creative, eco friendly vibe. My friend Laurie lives there and is part of an org that puts on a festival every year so we decided to check it out. Started the day with a hike up to a nice viewpoint, picked up Robin (an old school friend I hadn't seen in 15 years!) and headed over to the festival - good music, great vibes, tasty food and organic beer! Daniel & Sandrine pitched up from Provence in the evening with their little Zafir.