October 31 2011

Halloween and Claire's Bday = small party at our place (no neighbours to annoy, no sleeping babies...) I didn't dress up because I never do - I'm a bore like that - but a few people did. Best costume of the night was definitely this one - Juno boy (whatever the character's name is), astonishing likeness!


October 30 2011

There is a dry ski slope in Brussels, Yeti Ski! I thought this was a strictly British oddity, but apparently not. Stumbled upon this completely randomly - unfortunately the 'skiers' were packing up when I arrived but, if there are any takers, there was a distinct après-ski vbe in the little chalet at the foot of the slope.


October 27 2011

Cousin Gaby in town working on The Straits tour. Met her at Zebra bar downtown and then wandered around the tourist hood looking for a Tintin t-shirt for her man - you would think this would be the easiest mission in Brussels but it turns out that outside of the official shop (where the t-shirts are potentially too 'arty'), it is astonishingly difficult to find any! I wonder if there are strict marketing laws when it comes to Tintin apparel, especially at the moment when it seems the whole city is going Tintin crazy with the release of the Spielberg film (I am not at all immune to the marketing and can't wait to see it).  Event gig in the evening - people in suits sipping champagne but reasonably entertaining all the same.


October 26 2011

Dropped in on Ziggy rehearsing today and grabbed a couple of snapshots, mostly light testing and location scouting. They're recording in the studio next week so lots to lock down. Pumpkin curry and a pleasant enough/slightly cheesy movie (Mao's Last Dancer) with Canan, Mireille & Angie this evening.


October 25 2011

Said goodbye to Tom & Maya off to work and nursery respectively. Quick coffee with Becs and then home to Brussels. About twenty minutes after landing, Tom called to say that Becs was in hospital ready to give birth - Typical! Brand new Leo was eventually born around 11pm and, despite his terrible sense of timing, I can't wait to meet him. Not sure how people manage with two babies though - Angie and me exhausted from a few days of just the one ball of concentrated energy.


October 24 2011

Visited Tom's offices in the morning and took head shots of his team - paying for my keep. I got completely lost on the way back, wandering around in the pouring rain for a good hour cursing my useless sense of direction (I blame my genes). I ate a bacon sandwich when I finally made it back which starting the degrumping process - a process completed by a trip to the park with Angie and a happy little Maya. Nephew still refusing to be born.


October 23 2011

Up early to catch the Rugby world cup final - bit of a rush trying to find somewhere with any place. Good game, not the ideal result but not too bad. Tapas lunch close to Tom & Bec's place; I could eat tapas for every meal. Not a lie. According to my wishful schedule Becs was supposed to give birth to my nephew this evening but he's being stubborn!


October 22 2011

Tom & Becs took us to one of Madrid's secret gems - a tiny Ecuadorian café/restaurant; the food is delicious, the owners are sweet and they show premiership football on telly, what's not to like? Rolled home and later went to play football (well, kick a ball) with Maya... totally exhausting!


October 21 2011

And warm Madrid it is. Visiting Tom, Becs & my little niece Maya who live conveniently close to the airport. I haven't seen Maya since last September so quite a change - she knows loads of words, understands pretty much everything, runs around like she's on a mission, laughs constantly  - very lovable. I didn't shoot anything in Madrid yet, so here's one from the am in Brussels.


October 20 2011

Leg stretching around the Etangs d'Ixelles. Off to Madrid tomorrow for something a little different. Weather forecast announcing 22 degrees - I think I'll do ok.


October 18 2011

Julie Annen is a playwright and director. Her latest piece focuses on fatherhood and is aptly named 'Les Pères'. After giving birth to her first child, she was immediately fascinated by her husband's approach to his new role and found herself wondering about the universality or not of fatherhood. Over the course of 5 years, she traveled the world, interviewing over 100 men. She recorded all these interviews and translated them into a 90minute play which you can check out at the Théâtre de Poche from the 8-26 November. Hearing her talk about it so passionately, I will definitely be going to see it. On a sort of similar note, welcome to the world to the Levina-Leon's second little boy!