May 30 2011

So Corsica it is... arrived in Calvi under a blazing sun. Henri picked us up and we headed to our home for the next week which is a symbol of how posh we've become... flat screens in every room, cleaning service every morning, croissants delivered to our doorstep, swimming pool, outdoor bbq... not too shabby. Lay around the pool for a bit, catching up with some of my favorite people, watched some tennis... general chill. Petanque and Pastis in the evening if just to highlight that this is indeed the South (expect a few photos a day...lovely light here) 1969 - John Lennon marries Yoko Ono


May 29 2011

Stayed in bed till 3pm - slept, read tintin, watched masterchef... a pretty chill sunday. I'm trying to be fighting fit for the coming week in... CORSICA, one of my favorite places in the world... that I know of. Headed off to Paris tonight with Angie as our flight is at stupid o'clock tomorrow morning and we didn't fancy waking up at 3am, so Ibis Orly airport it is. The familiarity is quite comforting, I used to stay in Ibis's quite a lot for work.


May 28 2011

Ugh - clothes shopping for Claire and Flip wedding next weekend. My least favorite activity. I don't know how long it's been but long enough for my body to look incredibly alien (in a not good way) - apparently I have knee wrinkles, I don't think I knew they existed. Still, reasonably convinced by the 'costume' I've ended up with. Whiled away some time waiting for a yellow car and then coffee with Marie T @ Blomkvist's (clever name for a Swedish café) and dinner with her, Angie, Matthew & Alessandro @ Le Comptoir.


May 27 2011

The skies finally gave way today - I don't suppose it would be acceptable to complain after the Indian spring (I'll copyright that!) we've had. Still not fully recovered from this stupid cold, so it doesn't help. Henri over this evening for some video editing and pasta all'arrabbiata.


May 26 2011

Weirdest concert I can remember attending this evening... Groundation Bob Marley tribute concert in Charleroi... which in itself is potentially the weirdest town I can remember setting foot in. I must go back to photograph it before it changes - it's a standing memorial to the cheesiest, gaudiest 80sness... and the inhabitants are definitely a big part of that impression - sort of wonderful. But the concert - terrible! The opening act was a reggae band from charleroi, probably by default - the guitarist looked like he belonged in an 80s metal band, the bassist could've been cast in the Mamma Mia... and awful, awful tunes. We made it through about three tracks when Groundation finally made an appearance before running back to the car and home. I didn't want to ruin my impression of Groundation any further... saw them two years ago at Couleur Café and they were incredible... I'm cheating again and posting a couple of shots from way back then, to lift my mood.


May 25 2011

Cousin Gabby in town. Gabby moved to Australia when she was 3 years old and I think we've met twice since then, the last time a good 10 years ago (perhaps more)... she's now 23 and touring Europe as a sound technician for Roger Waters... not a bad gig! She stopped off in Brussels for 24 hours between concerts with her friend Amiria who caters on the same tour. They hadn't really slept last night so spent the morning crashed out on the sofa but bravely rose in the afternoon for a whistle stop tour of some of the main sights. Hit Châtelain market in the evening, which was more packed than I've ever seen it... probably down to the great weather... Henri, Sophie and Marie H joined us but we made it an early one, Angie picking us up around 1030. frozen pizza, tea, bed. Lovely to steal 24 hours with Gabby - come again!


May 23 2011

There's no 22nd of May - which is a reflection of my state! V early plane back to Brussels and then sleep and more sleep, feeling exhausted, ill and it was pretty much a day I didn't live! So, on the the 23rd - and an early shoot of these two ladies who have just published an interactive guide book to Provence for young children. I think it's a winning idea since the books which still sell in paper format are most probably children's books and guide books. They have set up a publishing house, le vadrouilleur, and are starting work on a second guide to Brittany.


May 20 2011

Horrible early Ryanair from Charleroi to Bologna, huge queue to pick up the rental car, big struggle to figure out how to drive a car constructed in the 21st century, Italian traffic & drivers - and we (with Angie) finally made it to Modena. After a quick lunch and tour of Modena, we headed out to our digs - a little farm in the countryside, which is great. Decided to stick around there until dinner which was, wait for it,... 5 starters, 2 primi, 1 secondo and 3 deserts.... EACH!! Quite unbelievable. We made it to the second primo before giving up to disapproving head shakes. I really don't understand how one human is supposed to ingest to much food.


May 16 2011

I'm behaving very badly this month when it comes to this blog! In my defence, I've been feeling a bit shitty - and not managing to kick it, with obligations etc... Instead of racking my old brains trying to remember what i did when, I'll just post a few recent shots and try to get up to speed. Another pencil appeared on rue keyenveld, just off my street.