July - EI World Congress

I was in South Africa's stunning Cape Town for a couple of weeks in July - shooting Education International's World Congress and taking some time to work on some personal project material. Rather than post all the images day by day here, I thought it would make more sense to point you to the Flickr photostream set up for the occasion... these shots were thrown up every day as the congress sessions ended but for a rush select and edit, I think they're not bad. Go here to check them out.


July 5 2011

Couple of shots from yesterday at Belgo Belge because I didn't shoot anything fun today. Sat at my desk plowing through my admin. Mireille and Ma over for dinner to discuss South Africa plans. I'm heading to Cape Town on the 15th to shoot the EI congress and we're staying on for an extra week of holidaying, so should be nice! I want to see penguins.


July 4 2011

Lunch with the old ones at Belgo Belge on St Boniface - I'd never been so that's a first. Nice. Drove them to Charleroi airport and then cruised back to face my huge list of todos that have been piling up over the last week. Grump. (I TOOK AWAY THE PHOTO BECAUSE I DIDN'T LIKE IT!)

July 3 2011

And down it came - 12 hours to mount, and 1 to take down. Feeling a little blue! Laura and Micha popped in just too late to see it up but in time to grab a quick drink before heading back to Köln. Traipsed home, unloaded car and hung out with the family for a bit. Marie H, Sophie, Flip & Claire came round for a BBQ and lemon mousse (thanks James & Camille). Watched Gran Torino after they all left - brilliant!


July 2 2011

The mother turned 65 today - quite ancient. James & Camille showed up in the morning and we lazed around a little, drinking coffee, reading the papers before heading off to th International final - won by Algot, a lively folk duo from Sweden - the two Belgian bands placed 2nd and 3rd so a pretty good showing! I think everyone was happy for the experience of playing in the Botanique anyway so no broken hearts. As well ad J & C - Alex, Vanessa & Eliot came to town for the expo which was really touching. Some of the crew had been paintballing and showed up towards to end so had a quick drink at Bota before heading home to celebrate aforementioned aging - with wine and tiramisù. 1748 - Birthday of Olympe de Gouges


July 1 2011

Imagine Festival started today. 10 Belgian finalists took to the stage to fight it out for two spots in the International final tomorrow. A much busier and entertaining day -  nice to see all the young musicians again - really sweet, full of energy and excitement. I was sad they couldn't all make it through but I think it was a fair win for Lunar Rays and Ziggy (my bet from the off!). Crawled home around 1230.