February 28 2011

Alongside one of the walls of the Iselp (Institut Supérieur pour l'Etude du Langage Plastique), all the windows are adorned with quotes about art and creativity. It's always struck me as a bit of a shame that the wall in question is so hidden from view, down a small alleyway, but it's a nice touch. I was at the Iselp today to see 'Ceci n'est pas Beyrouth' - a photography exhibition by Fouad Elkoury who grew up in Beirut and has returned countless times over the years to document the evolving nature of his hometown, destroyed by war and whose reconstruction has spawned a new city entirely. Definitely worth a look - his photos are a bit of a throwback to Henri Cartier Bresson, capturing "l'instant décisif'.


February 25 2011

Watched 'Whip it' - silly sounding but entertaining film about roller derby - a very american sport/entertainment whereby two teams of women in elaborate costume with showy names rollerskate around an arena, shoving each other to the floor and trying to outscore the other team (the how and why of scoring is a bit of a mystery). It features the Juno girl (otherwise known as Elaine Page) and Juliette Lewis, which gives me the opportunity to post an old photo of the latter since I shot nothing today!


February 21 2011

Some indoor chilling today - this is all I could come up with. I hate this wall, the colour, the swirly 'effect', the fact it's the wall in my office! Our landlady lived here for 19 years and, though she never will again, is so emotionally attached to it that she refuses to let us paint over it. I've had to resort to some amateur pimping with the fairy lights... hmmm


February 20 2011

I don't know too much about Architecture but always thought this seemed a pretty strange building to host a museum dedicated to the topic! From the outside it's not particularly eye catching, at least not for the right reasons. The history of the building is intriguing enough - an old masonic lodge (hence the name 'La Loge') built by Fernand Bodson, who was a major figure of Belgian architecture during the first half of the 20th Century - so I decided to have a look around and I have to admit that I was wrong. It's in fact a lovely building, very atmospheric and totally unique. The permanent collection is pretty impressive and architecture geeks probably enjoy the temporary ones a good deal (too many incomprehensible sketches for me!).


February 19 2011

In Schoten (near Antwerp) today to shoot one the Flemish preselection rounds for the Imagine festival. Some great talent, although my favorite band didn't make it through to the finals sadly. Noemi's bro Giuliano as well as Mirna and Rico were in town so met up with them, Arthur, the Maries, Luc and baby Melodi at La Maison du Peuple for drinks. Marie and Luc introduced us to the best eat-in pizza I've had in Brussels - Posto al Sole (blog I'm linking it does it better justice!) - definitely the tip of the week.


February 18 2011

Bernard Hennebert has just published a book: 'Les musées aiment-ils leur public?' attacking museums for their stringent rules and regulations. He's spent the last 30 years fighting for the rights of those who enjoy leisure pursuits (CD/DVD buyers, museum/concert goers, tv spectators, radio listeners and so on) with results including free access to over 40 museums across Belgium on the first sunday of each month. He's an intensely colourful character and owns the fattest cat I have ever met!


February 17 2011

Belgian has now officially surpassed all previous records for the amount of time without forming a government. Inhabitants of Ghent stripped off in protest but sadly nothing so exciting in Brussels. It's quite a feat although, interestingly, you would hardly know. Trains still run more or less on time, taxes are still relentlessly deducted, schools stay resolutely open. I did go for a run though, that's something new.


February 16 2011

Visited Claire and her very new baby in the hospital today - little Léonie was born on Sunday evening and is extremely cute. It was dark and I didn't want to flash in her face so photos of her will have to wait a while - here's a cheesy one of her parents a couple of months ago instead. Henri came by later to watch Arsenal beat Barcelona (yes!!!) with me.