Seasons Greetings

I'm cruising down to the South West of France tomorrow to do the whole Christmas, family, overeating, under exercising, constant state of mild drunkenness thing... should be nice. I'll also be meeting my newest nephew for the first time (the one who waited for me to leave Madrid to be born, so I'm not sure he's quite as keen on meeting me come to think about it...).I won't be blogging while I'm down there but I will be shooting so I'll have a bunch of material for when I get back. I'm also going to post '11 from 2011' to kick off next year - I'm quite looking forward to selecting the best moments. It's been a pretty good year. In the meantime the weather has been pretty mild in Brussels but we did have one evening of proper snow... so that's my xmas card of sorts.


Pink Ribbon

Breast cancer awareness month rolls around in October each year. Sanoma media, with it's numerous publications, reaches over 60% of the female readership in Belgium and the 'Pink Ribbon magazine' is distributed for free alongside all those publications in order to promote breast cancer awareness. This year, the Pink Ribbon team decided to build a website and keep the campaign rolling throughout the year. I was asked to set up a temporary studio at a recent event and add to the ongoing collection of such shots on the facebook page (you can even upload your own shot by downloading the cover art from the website).

Pink Ribbon.jpg

some faces

I took a little break after hitting the one year mark... a few weeks of leaving the house without feeling guilty if I didn't bring my camera, time to redo my website, make it simpler, faster and so on - mostly thanks to my brother, James (he makes really good music, you should buy some).  Anyway, it's not quite ready... still figuring out a good system for ordering prints - should take a couple of weeks. In the meantime, you can always email me a request. The last month has been pretty busy, mostly client work - I'll post a small selection tomorrow, when I'll be fully done with my editing. For now, here are a few faces I've met this month.