November 30 2010

Nora and Ross have bought a whole house in Schaerbeek! The deal was finally signed, sealed and delivered today so we popped over this evening for a peek, some pizza and a couple of beers.

November 29 2010

It's finally snowing properly! It all started a bit too late for now but watch this space for snowy Brussels vistas. In the meantime, Kate and Mauricio (them again!) popped over for food and football - so why not make them leap for dinner? (I like Kate's t-shirt)

November 28 2010

Spent a lazy sunday with Kate and Mauricio who crashed at ours after we stayed up till the early hours working out how to conquer the world. Finally made it to see the new Harry Potter at the Toison d'Or - Marie joined us, but first I took this shot of her reacting to being slapped - no questions...

November 27 2010

Long lie in, big breakfast, a winning football match on TV and the sun made an appearance - no complaints. I went out for a walk in the remaining hours of daylight and found a Polish deli selling pierogi's which sorted dinner out. The evening was pretty unique - Mauricio was playing bass at Garcia Lorca (a belgo-spanish cultural centre) which puts on live shows every couple of months inviting anyone who wants to to get up on stage and perform...very nice atmosphere. Chicken wings and fried plantains at Le Soleil d'Afrique to end the evening.

November 25 2010

Happy 33rd birthday to my brother James! Just came home from a delicious thanksgiving-ish dinner at Marie H's... I did bring my camera but no memory card so it stayed in the boot of the car. When I took it out just now it was so cold the filter immediately covered itself in condensation, and the only subject before it evaporated was Angie manhandling Marley! The effect is quite cool, I'll have to remember the trick. Snow begun today, huge flakes of wet snow which didn't stick - but there is hope...

November 23 2010

I took a quick round trip to Antwerp this morning - Henri needed taxiing to the knee doctor. While I waited I wandered around the rainy streets and found an empty park nearby - I was able to snap a couple of shots of a disused basketball court and swings which won't be in use for a good few months. Weather forecast is predicting snow for tomorrow - in November! Could be interesting. Arsenal lost again.

November 22 2010

The National concert was v fun! It's been a while since I've enjoyed a concert from start to finish so much, and the Ancienne Belgique is a great venue, I always like going there. On the downside, it's officially winter here and I'm exhausted today, not enough sleep, ran around like a crazy chicken today and I have to be up very very early tomorrow - so an early night it'll be. No shooting today so a layover from yesterday.

November 21 2010

Tired legs this evening! Despite the grey and freezing weather, we (Kate, Angie and me) headed to Gembloux (Province of Namur) for a 15k ramble across the Walloon fields. I bought a walking guide last week as an attempt to see a little more of Belgium so this was the test run. I have to admit, though it was a nice thing to do, there was nothing incredibly impressive about the scenery. Gembloux itself is a nice town and a couple of the very rural villages we passed were attractive enough. I might add another more 'countrysidish' shot later but I'm rushing out to see The National at l'Ancienne Belgique now and not enough time...

November 20 2010

November 20th is Universal Children's Day and marks the day on which the Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, in 1959, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, in 1989. Gig for children's development organisation Plan today. A morning session punctuated by talks from leading Belgian and European politicians involved in Child's rights work and an afternoon of concerts for a huge crowd of young children. Fun. Not so fun was to come home and find out Arsenal had let a two goal lead slip and lost to Tottenham. Very unfun.

November 18 2010

I bought a new lens today!! very exciting - the 16-35 f2.8, a whole new world of fun. I spent most of the afternoon testing it on the cat who was not behaving and kept moving out of the frame.Dinner at Henri and Adele's, who always serve really tasty food and wine so I'm feeling quite stuffed and a little tipsy...

November 17 2010

Met Henri at the Michael Collins this evening for a burger and the France vs England game - so excited was I by a French win, I forgot to take a photo. I came home to Angie, Julie and Mireille playing Risk so that'll have to be my post instead (which incidentally allows me to share some favorite trivia - in the German version of Risk you 'liberate' rather than 'conquer' territories).