December 31 2010

New Year's Eve - here we are... last day of 2010. I haven't made any lists of resolutions or summaries etc... yet. But I still might. If I reread last year's list, it might depress me! We woke up late (very), were joined by Marie (who's staying with her friend Pierre) and headed out around Gracía for beer, patatas bravas and jamón. Back to Eileen and Yas's for dinner, cava, grapes and singalongs. We ended the night with a group shot, think we still look pretty fresh! Happy New Year.

December 30 2010

Barcelona! Picked up Yaz and Marie on our way to the Charleroi airport to catch everyone's favorite Ryanair - surprisingly there were no hitches this time; no delays, no extra charges... I'm shocked. Eileen was waiting at home with a huge spread, so we stuffed our faces and hung out chatting most of the night.

December 29 2010

Parents left this morning - they have a few more cities to visit in order to see their whole brood and it was off to London for them. I saw them off very early by my holiday standards, trundled home and have hardly left the couch since. This scene is just up the road - not too much hard work! Off to Barcelona tomorrow evening so I'm not sure how well the blogging will go...

1431 - Joan of Arc is burned at the stake in Rouen

December 28 2010

I'm posting a bit late these days - but it's the winter holidays and I'm on slow time! Lunch out at Le 2ième Elément followed by a lazy afternoon. Watched a nice film, met Henri for a couple of beers at l'Ultime Atome (linking here to a review on the 'Spotted by Locals' website because it's worth checking out the whole site). I did a small shoot with Henri which I'll post soon, and snapped a couple of Angie showing off her ever increasing mane!

December 26 2010

Parc Egmont is one of Brussels' hidden gardens, a small park nestled behind the imposing Hilton hotel on Avenue Louise with an interesting array of decorative features - such as a replica of The Peter Pan statue in London's Kensington gardens and a few random Roman columns. The Orangerie stands in the middle of the park and, although pricey, it is probably worth stopping in for Sunday brunch just to enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

December 25 2010

Xmas day. We're waiting for Angie for the roasting tomorrow so it was pizza and soup for lunch, which is quite relaxing actually... Perfect xmas weather though, a blanket of snow and bright blue skies. Went for a little head clearing wander with the mum today and told her to not by any means remove her hat for this photo :)

December 24 2010

Massive snowfall yesterday - cue transport chaos. I feel sorry for all those people who probably won't make it home for xmas and fingers crossed Angie makes it back here tomorrow. Crashed at Henri and Adele's yesterday and slept too long so spent today rushing to collect xmas eve supplies (including Wittamer chocolates) and didn't have time to trot the streets taking pretty Brussels photos. Instead a snowy field from a road trip to Holland in early Jan last year. Merry Christmas!

December 22 2010

Sophie Bernès is a 24 year old graphic designer from Liège who took part in the Euroskills competition a couple of weeks ago. She was a member of the successful Belgian team (5th nation out of 26) and won an individual gold medal and a team silver. The next Euroskills will be held in Belgium in 2012. Other than that - meeting this morning, traffic jams this afternoon, pasta for dinner. I think I may have convinced my mum to participate in the jumping series so worth checking in over the next few days!

December 21 2010

Shortest day of the year, check. The snow started disappearing this evening so, in the unlikely event it doesn't make another appearance, here's one of the garden - I still think it looks better in bbq season. Parents arrived this evening, I'll post them looking less journeyed at some point this week!

December 20 2010

I was supposed to be shooting a portrait outside Brussels today but the roads were ice rinks around my house so fingers crossed I can make it tomorrow (snowing right now, so hopes are low). Busy day instead, trying to get everything done before the parents arrive tomorrow. The shot is of seven-month pregnant Claire from Saturday.

December 19 2010

Christmas vibe in Brussels today - crunchy snow underfoot, huge snowflakes, people dressed as snowmen - this kind of snowfall I can enjoy although my bike will have to be retired for a while. Xmas apéro at henri's tonight with the gang - I ended up crashing as I couldn't face the freezing walk home (which explains why this post is going up a little late).

December 18 2010

Nice to wake up to a phone call from Alex today... and probably good I picked up or I might've ended up hibernating all day. Arsenal game was called off because of snow, which threw my plans a little! Instead, Philippe, Claire and Emmeline (in town from Paris) dropped in so I had a dose of company before attacking boring cleaning tasks. Since I don't see Emmeline very often, here she is adding numbers to the jumping series. 44BC - Roman Emperor Julius Caesar is assassinated. "Et tu, Bruté"

December 17 2010

Freeeeezing. Met up with Virginie at the Brasserie de L'Union for a small planning session - some fun stuff in the works. Spent the evening with Kate, testing the new Amour Fou which reopened a couple of weeks ago. Positive review from both of us - much cosier, good cocktails, second best burgers in Brussels (there has been a definite and very welcome 'jumping on bandwagon' happening over the last couple of years - prior to that it was virtually impossible to find a 'real' burger in this city). Xmas lights in Place Fernand Cocq are surprisingly tasteful!