April 6 2011

little known fact: Brussels is the second greenest city in the world after Washington DC (Ok, it may not be absolute fact since it sort of depends where you get your sources... some say London, some say Edmonton...). It's not immediately apparent since there aren't a huge amount of green spaces/squares/trees within the city center but the entire city is surrounded by what is known as the green belt, a massive spread of forest, parkland, ponds... After Tervuren on saturday, I'm motivated to visit as much of it as possible by foot and bike. Today was too hot to stay stuck behind my screen so I assigned myself a half day off (I work most weekends, fair enough!) and traipsed around the Watermael-Boisfort end of the forêt de soignes. I really don't know why everybody goes to the Bois de la Cambre when there are so many other good and less crowded options.