April 27 2011

Up obscenely early to catch an 8am flight to Marseille from Charleroi... I'm quite proud of myself for making it. Met up with François at the train station and cruised down to the old port to meet Aurélie and little (well, he's young but not so little) Paul who I instantly fell in love with. Had a drink and F cruised back to work. Picked up some lunch which A and I ate on their amazing terrace overlooking the Marseilles rooftops. Aurélie dared to leave me in charge of Paul for an hour while she went shopping. F came home and took me up to Notre Dame de la Garde (otherwise known as la bonne mère) - a famous Marseille landmark just a few minutes up the hill from their house. Chilled there downing a beer and munching on grissini, enjoying the incredible views. BBQ in the evening... I like Marseille. Impasse Lejeune - A and F's street.