About this blog

Welcome to my new (est) blog...redesigning my website for the second time in a year, I've had to transfer my blog over yet again. Using different platforms entails small issues such as incompatibly sized images, pagination problems, lost posts and so on... I have reformatted all my 2012 posts and a couple from the tail end of 2011 but browsing beyond that, you will see some of the above mentioned issues evidenced. I will leave them as is and turn over a new leaf from here on out... which also involves more regular blogging and updating my portfolio throughout the year with some of the standout images.

I hope you enjoy the new format - and the new website as a whole - it is faster, simpler and hopefully better suited to modern day web usage (average time spent on sites is less than a minute apparently! I know that to be pretty true for myself)

Thanks for visiting! Bea