September 17 2011

I recently read that Belgium is home to more comic artists per square meter than any other country - not a huge surprise but it's a nice little tidbit. In my five plus years here, I've only met 1 though, so perhaps I'm hanging with the wrong crowd. I may try to unearth a few more and create a portrait gallery (another idea for the list). There are close to 50 building facades scattered around Brussels which have been decorated with scenes from famous Belgian comics (the Belgian Comic Strip Centre organises walking tours from one to the other) and this scene, on Rue des Alexiens, is from a series which was popular in the 80s called 'Le Jeune Albert' by Yves Chaland. I have a few shots of the walls in stock (to use as blog fillers?) as must a million other Bruxellois and anyone who has visited Brussels ever but I liked the colour matching with the ambulance here so there you go.


September 16 2011

Proof that there is occasionally a ray of sun in this city although I'm still convinced Autumn has been bypassed this year - this is the Notre Dame du Sablon church and has a couple of amazing stained glass windows - I've told a few people about this and they never find them, so just in case, they are in the back left corner, funky geometric patterns. It's Friday and Risk night is back. Jeremie, Mireille and Undraa came over, made stir fry and battled it out with Angie for the longest game ever... I didn't play because 5 people risk is just too boring (besides, I'm apparently 'too competitive' which makes it no fun... I think that's just because I always win!). Henri has been crashing with us for the past 10 days and was ill so I mothered him and the cat instead.