October 24 2011

Visited Tom's offices in the morning and took head shots of his team - paying for my keep. I got completely lost on the way back, wandering around in the pouring rain for a good hour cursing my useless sense of direction (I blame my genes). I ate a bacon sandwich when I finally made it back which starting the degrumping process - a process completed by a trip to the park with Angie and a happy little Maya. Nephew still refusing to be born.


October 22 2011

Tom & Becs took us to one of Madrid's secret gems - a tiny Ecuadorian café/restaurant; the food is delicious, the owners are sweet and they show premiership football on telly, what's not to like? Rolled home and later went to play football (well, kick a ball) with Maya... totally exhausting!


October 18 2011

Julie Annen is a playwright and director. Her latest piece focuses on fatherhood and is aptly named 'Les Pères'. After giving birth to her first child, she was immediately fascinated by her husband's approach to his new role and found herself wondering about the universality or not of fatherhood. Over the course of 5 years, she traveled the world, interviewing over 100 men. She recorded all these interviews and translated them into a 90minute play which you can check out at the Théâtre de Poche from the 8-26 November. Hearing her talk about it so passionately, I will definitely be going to see it. On a sort of similar note, welcome to the world to the Levina-Leon's second little boy!


October 14 2011

Beautiful day in the Yvelines, perfect for Jen & Mark's wedding which I was shooting. The ceremony was held in the Mairie of St Nom la Bretêche which is just opposite my 'maternelle' (what is that in english - my nursery/kindergarten school?). Bit of a trip down memory lane... it made me want to come back when I have a bit of time and shoot all the places which conjur up pleasant memories. Really nice wedding, I was sad that I didn't have the energy to join the dancing and instead grabbed a lift back to Créspières and a bed. Getting old...


October 13 2011

Henri is back from Bali and followed me on my todos, so we stopped by Place Jourdan for a pitta at Papay. Drove to Paris with Nora in the evening, arriving at Laure's place in Créspières (78 - the Yvelines, west of Paris)  around 11h30. I grew up in the area so looking forward to tomorrow's daylight so I can survey the surroundings.


October 12 2011

I wrote this woman's name down so illegibly that I'm afraid I can't tell you - What I do know is that she buys pretty much everything she wears in China and that she runs the Lune de Miel, one of the most popular Thai restaurants on the strip leading to st Gery, otherwise known as Rue Jules Van Praet. I met her in the Marolles area where she was scouring the second hand shops for stylish coffee spoons.


October 7 2011

Traipsing the streets today, shooting for a special 'shopping in Brussels' edition of Marie Claire. Since I don't shop much, I was on pretty unfamiliar territory within my own city and swallowed up loads of fashion related info (you never know when that might come in handy). I did a similar shoot in Antwerp a couple of months ago and, though Antwerp is quainter and generally accepted as more 'fashion-forward', the shop owners and salespeople were (as a general rule) much, much friendlier in Brussels - 10 points (I've probably opened a big can of worms now...). Here's one of them - Sophie, owner of Cachemire Coton & Soie.


October 2 2011

Brussels marathon & half-marathon today (tend to think that planning this the day after a Nuit Blanche is a bit odd...). I intended to be at the finish line to shoot some happy/tired/sweaty people, including Sophie, but I failed to make it up & out in time. Instead Sophie dragged her aching bones (my interpretation of how it must feel, she seemed totally non plussed) over to mine so I could grab a quick shot of her + medal. In other vitally important news, Arsenal lost to Tottenham, a sad day.


October 1 2011

Beautiful day - biked, swam, lay in a park, ate good food and then Nuit Blanche in the streets of Brussels. This doesn't mean I stayed up all night, I didn't. The Nuit Blanche is a yearly event in Brussels, with a number of art installations and performances scattered around the city center - a sort of showcase of comtemporary artistic expression. I love the idea and that it draws out such a mixed crowd (children, funksters, grannies like me...) but it's even better when it's warm out. Here's a tipsy little attempt at some time lapsing.

September 25 2011

A game of 'count the children'! This was at Carlo & Ine's - a welcome-to-the-world party for their new daughter Lina as well as a pre housewarming (baby + house in one go seems to be quite a common combo, must be what is referred to as 'nesting'). This is only a small cross section; I don't think I have ever seen so many small people in one place before... quite overwhelming!


September 23 2011

Completely unproductive day until around 6pm, when I decided to turbo charge my way through the to do list... nice and all but it means I missed out on any TGIF socialising. No matter, Angie was ill and lying on the couch all day and evening so I had 'exciting' company.