Robertson Associates

I shot these headshots a couple of weeks ago - I tend to avoid posting huge amounts of corporate headshots but I do think these are quite nice... the brief was to shoot dynamic shots to the waist which makes things interesting since you have to chat and interact. I believe I spoke about football with two (European championship this summer - my 'outsider' bet is on the Czech Republic, watch this space), politics with three (this was just before the French elections), Expat life with another and so on... a really nice bunch of people so if you need international management consulting, you should definitely check them out (leading you the team page with the photos they chose)

Blue Lagoon portrait session

An outtake from Day 2 in Malta - We (those that were able to make it to the rendez-vous by 11am after the night before!) spent the day in Gozo. On the way back to Malta we stopped off at the Blue Lagoon - consistently in the 'top 3 things to do in Malta' lists. Impeccable water, uninhabited rocky island... but tends to be very touristy. The 6 of us arrived in the early evening and were completely alone, not another soul around... quite blissful. It was a little too chilly to swim but we did anyway, very worth it.Speedy impro shoot of our international group - Maher (Tunisia), Lucie (France), Kjersti (Norway), Angie (Austria) & Lea (Switzerland/Another planet):

Malta in May

Back from a long weekend in Malta celebrating Angele & Keith's wedding. It was a brilliant wedding and great fun to meet up with a lot of the old esu crowd, discover Malta better (my only previous visit had been a work one) and step away almost entirely from technology for 5 days. I was in a snap happy mood so here's a small sample - the full set is over on flickr

Wanderings in Wien

I spent a few days holidaying in Vienna over the 1st of May weekend. 30 degrees to Brussel's 10 and, although I am a big fan of Brussel's outdoor spaces, Vienna probably has the edge since you can actually swim in the Danube! Just a 15 minute bike ride from the centre is the Old Danube which is now a large lake surrounded by green... it costs the same as a swimming pool to enter as it is considered to be a 'public bath'. Closer still to the action, is the recreational Danube Island - a sort of elongated lake (21km long but only a few hundred metres wide). Here again, you can laze in the sun and take a dip whenever necessary. So that was my weekend - lounging, dipping, eating ice cream, drinking shandy by the waterside, eating schnitzl and sausages with cheese inside (filthy!) - I also joined the Viennese socialists for the 1st of May march under the blazing heat so that was about as hard work as it got!