The Very Centre of Belgium

I was driving home from a gig this morning when I spotted a tourist (brown background) sign for the 'geographical centre of Belgium' - thinking it might be fun to stand in the middle of a country, I followed the - very methodical - signposting to a small car park with a walking sign pointing down a small path. I followed this for a few hundred metres until it petered out and became a messy mudpit instead... The whole thing was slightly underwhelming! Lovely day though, and I can knock 'standing-in-the-middle-of-Belgium' off my bucket list (I'm making it up as I go along, it's more satisfying).

ICC Mediation Competition

I recently spent a week shooting the 7th International Mediation Competition organised by the International Chamber of Commerce. Over 500 students and mediation professionals from around the world converged in Paris to participate in this massive competition. Throughout, university students faced international business problems, which they attempted to resolve by mediation. Occasionally, the photographer has the best job - in this case, it meant being the only person who could sneak in and out of the rooms and follow many sessions at once. All in all, a fun week with lots of great faces, encounters, chats and champagne! The full sets are here. To all my Paris friends, I apologise for not having a second to see you.

Imagine Huy

The 2012 Imagine Competition (all styles music competition for Belgian youth) semi finals kicked off yesterday in Huy. I documented the 2011 competition as a collaboration with the JMI Foundation which led to an exhibition at the Botanique - With the freedom to pick my angle, I focused mostly on the backstage energy, shooting only very little of the actual performances. I was invited back this year as a 'worker' - my brief being to shoot mainly stage action. Quite nice to actually watch the whole event! The lighting was crap, the stage set up was very deep and the stage way too high... but you have to go with the flow (thank you 5DMarkII)! The deserved winners of this semi-final: Salad Bar (this is not a photo of them, here's one :p)